Easing the Way Through Pregnancy Naturally


Herbal remedies (also known as home remedies) have been easing women's way through pregnancy for centuries. Today more than ever women are seeking alternative forms of medicine to heal, sooth, and smooth their way through the torrent of emotional and physical changes women's bodies undergo during pregnancy. Herbal remedies, comprised of plant leaves, berries, flowers, roots, and bark, can be a great ally.

User Alert: Unsafe Herbs

However, there are risks in using natural herbs during pregnancy. Herbal remedies should also not be taken in conjunction with fertility drugs without the approval of a professional. In addition, some herbal products contain ingredients that are contraindicated during pregnancy. For a complete list of what herbs benefit vs. harm pregnancy, women should consult with a certified herbalist, a doctor, or a midwife.

Herbs for Pregnancy Symptoms

Common symptoms of pregnancy include mood swings, back aches, hypertension, and morning sickness. The importance of proper nutrition, vitamins, and minerals is another key aspect of a healthy journey to motherhood. Herbs nourish the body, ease discomforts, and tone the overall system.

Tonic Herbs: Tonic herbs are best used over time as they have a cumulative effect in the body. Great for increasing energy levels and toning the uterus!

Nettle Leaves: Packed full of key vitamins and minerals; nutrients promote rich reserve of breast milk; chlorophyll density helps stabilize hormone levels and counter-act mood swings and postpartum symptoms; reduces muscle cramps and leg spasms; prevents hemorrhaging. Good for the adrenal glands and kidneys.

Red Raspberry Leaf: Tones uterus and pelvic floor muscles; eases morning sickness; nutrient dense in iron, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin E; promotes rich supply of breast milk; eases labor pains; helps prevent miscarriage.

Fennel Seed Tea: Reduces morning sickness and heartburn

Ginger Root: Reduces morning sickness; sips of tea made from fresh ginger root reduces persistent nausea; prevents heartburn

Ginger Root Peppermint Tea: Sip upon awakening to prevent morning sickness nausea.

Motherwort: Calms nerves and anxiety during labor and postpartum; stabilizes mood swings; reduces fatigue

Shepherd's Purse: Prevents hemorrhaging after giving birth (should not be used during labor as it may cause blood to clot); promotes contractions

Lifestyle Factors and Pregnancy

A healthy lifestyle and good nutrition are some of the key ingredients to a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and thus while herbs are an excellent addition they do not replace a proper diet containing what are considered to be essential nutrients for expecting mothers (i.e. calcium and magnesium).

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