unprescribed clomid
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manfa - September 23

hi all
was wanting to know if any of you had taken unprescribed clomid? if you did or are planning to i would really like to hear your story
thanks in advance and baby dust to all!! x


LuvBabies - September 23

Hi Manfa - I took unprescribed clomid on days 5 thru 9 starting September 1. It actually made me ovulate late (Sept 15) so I'm just waiting now to see if it took. I have babies and I usually don't have any problems ovulating. My last baby though took nearly a year and a half to conceive and as I'm nearing my 40's I did not want to wait that long again I decided to get clomid to help me along. I dunno if it's going to work or not, hoping it will and I'll keep you posted if I get a BFP.

What's your plan/story?


manfa - September 24


im 27 after i had my 1st son hes now 11 i was diagnosed with pcos and was told i didnt ovulate every month also. i tried metformin from the drs to see if that helped things but reacted very badly to it sickness headaches etc so stopped taking it and gave up all hope of having another baby and thought along the lines of i should be grateful for the 1 i had then out of the blue i fell pregnant didnt find out til i was 3 months gone!! due to the irregular periods my 2nd son is now 18mths old ( i asked the drs what this meant for my pcos and they said it must have corrected itself and that i no longer had it although i was never actually tested for it!). i fell pregnant again when my 2nd son was 9mths old but miscarried at 8 weeks and then fell pregnant again when he was 16mths and also miscarried again at 5 weeks i did go to the drs first to ask for clomid but he said no as i would get there in the end just like i did before but if i miscarried again then he would consider it!! see the problem there is i dont want to have to wait another 10 yrs for that to happen and def dont want to suffer another loss!!! also as my partner works on the rigs for 5 weeks at a time hes not here a lot of the time i ovulate so when he is here i wanna make sure we have the best chance we can get!!! that baby call has come back and its just tooooo strong for me to ignore!!

so this led me to my clomid journey!! after doing lots of research on the pros and cons of clomid etc i decided that this was the course i was gonna take!!

i will start my 1st round when my af comes next month should be here about the 10th october and am going to take days 3-7 rather than 5-9

where are you from? why did u decide to take clomid 5-9? have u suffered any side effects? have u suffered with any hostile mucus?

so sorry for all the questions lol but no doubt i ll have some more for u lol

hoefully you will be lucky this month and get you bfp!!! but if u dont will be good to go through it with you as we ll be afing together more or less! lol

im going to be taking guaifenesin too the day after i finish my last clomid pill it helps the mucus from becoming hostile ive found out! its nothing special and you ll chuckle when i tell u its only a cough mixture!! i got it from my local boots store any cough mixture is fine as long as the ONLY ACTIVE INGREDIENT IS GUAIFENESIN and will take it 200mgs a day with a full glass of water until i ovulate( lots of water helps the mucus too)

i know some people disagree with taking u/p clomid but im not 1 of thoses people i believe that the person has the right to make the desicion its their body and if they are prepared for the concequences they other people should keep their nose out! lol

i hope this post makes sense to u lol its hard to shorten down ur medical history but still give all the facts!!

look forward to ur response and ss for all the question!!!

lots of baby dust to u!!!



LuvBabies - September 24

Hi Manfa - first of all, sorry to hear that you've been through a rough time and have miscarried twice. I know it is devastating for that to happen so I have to take my hat off to you for continuing to try. Please god it won't happen to you again. And as for the questions, sure isn't that the only way we'll figure things out by learning from everyone else.

I can't believe your doctor told you he would help out with Clomid only if you miscarried again - it's extremely insensitive and the last thing that you want to hear. That's just horrible. No wonder you are going down the u/p route.

I think I only decided to take it from days 5-9 just from reading what some other girls have done (through their doctor's advice) on these forums. One girl did mention that taking it earlier (like days 2-6) led to the follies not being mature enough when it came time for ovulation but everyone seems to have their own opinions so to be honest, I think it's all a guessing game. lol. I did, I had some horrible side effects, the headaches mainly, I suffer from migraines anyway but these headaches were just all the time and every day. Also nausea but that wasn't too bad. I'm not sure about the CM being hostile. When it came time for me to O, I could feel the CM inside alright but didn't see it, usually I would see it when going to the bathroom, so, would you think then there was a lack of it or it was hostile as they say? If so, and it doesn't take this time round, I'll search out what you suggested and take that. Although I don't know what the equivalent of that is here (I'm in Dublin, Ireland by the way) so I'll have to research the cough mixtures here. There's not a hope in hell my doctor would have given me Clomid. When I was having trouble trying to conceive my last baby they kept telling me that sure wasn't I only trying for 6 months/1 year/1.5 years and I have other babies so naturally it'll happen. I guess they don't understand how when you want something so badly and it's not happening for you that the whole waiting game is just a nightmare. I know I should feel blessed with the children that I do have and I am truly blessed but I've always wanted a big family and feel that I can't stop until I get it. And I know that's very selfish of me as there are women out there that can't even have one baby and have tried for years and years and have spent a fortune on IVFs and the like and my heart goes out to these women, it really does. Ah, it's all just so confusing to me sometimes.

Anyway, I'll definitely keep in contact with you, dying to hear how it works out for you. I'm sure you miss your husband while he's away for such long periods, that can't be easy.

I took a PT today and it was negative but I don't know when the hell my periods are supposed to come now because I O'd late. I reckon it didn't take but still a little hopeful.

Ok, so fingers crossed for you and best of luck.
Chat soon.
PS - Where are you from?


jayton - September 24

hi everyone, well i took clomid unprescribed for a few cycles but it ddnt work for me so i gave up on tht idea. the side effects were too much, especially he headaches and stomach cramping.


LuvBabies - September 24

Hi Jayton - what days did you try take it and how much did you take? Do you ovulate normally?


jayton - September 24

i think i ovulate normally ,not really sure, but i took clomid 50mg days 3-7 at first, i tried 5-9, also did 1-5


manfa - September 25

hi luvbabies

yeah have to agree the dr was a bit insensitive when it came to the miscarriages he also said that if i had another that he would investigate as to why i was having them which i suppose is a good thing maybe i have some sort of prob there although cant see it if i carried 2 babies successfully and had had completely text book pregnancies and births absolutly no probs at all!! just dont wanna have to go through all that again!!

i too also read about people taking the pills diff days some sites were saying that 3-7 will produce more eggs and 5-9 will make the egg u have stronger and also read that some people take them for example days 5-9 first cycle and then 3-7 the next but i think is like you said its any1s guess!!!

have read that the mucus should be stretchy and like egg whites while ovulating so im not really sure i will have a read up and let u know! to be honest i dont notice mine when i ovulate but will be checking from now on lol
i went into my local boots store to get mine its nothing special its just a simple boots own brand cough mixture cost about £3 but like i said the only active ingredient in it was the guaifenesin it says on the side of the box near the ingredients that its the only active 1 if u cant get any or are unsure then i can send u some no probs!!

i am dreading any side effects i may have especially the headaches as usually when i get a headache they are quite bad 1s im praying if i do get any side effects that they are minimal and dont put me off taking the clomid!!

have read on a number of sites that taking clomid 5-9 can make you ovulate late!! hence your af changing too!!
what is your usual af cyle length? is this ur 1st round of clomid? where did you get your clomid from? sorry more questions!!! lol

dont give up hope on ur neg test!!! maybe it was too early for you to test especially if u ovulated late!!!! what day in ur cycle did u test on? fingers are crossed for you!!!

im from the uk by the way a seaside town called Great Yarmouth

chat soon!!

lots of baby dust!! xxxxx


manfa - September 25

hi jayton

are u planning to do another cycle? did the side effects not get any easier with each cycle?

lots of baby dust xx


LuvBabies - September 25

Hi Manfa - do you have an email address?


manfa - September 25

yeah do u have hotmail msn or just want a normal 1?


manfa - September 25

hi luvbabies

paulleesam ( all one word ) at aol dot com (obviously the at and dot get replaced with the real thing!! )

sorry had to write it like that as wouldnt let me send it any other way!!
look forward to hearing from u x


manfa - September 26

hi luvbabies did u take a test yet? any sign of af???? fingers crossed for u!!!


yazz22 - September 30

Hi everyone, reading what everyone has said about u/p clomid and know iam doing the right thing. I take my first tablet tomorrow (day 3)My gp won't help me and has said I'll need to go private. As iam 45 and already have a large family (my youngest is 4) I see his point but i only wanted day 3 and day 21 bloods. I sadly had a m/c sept 09, which i believe was caused by my undiagnosed campylobactor(gp misdiagnosed it as my IBS playing up) I m/c at 10wks 3 days had to have a D.C.I feel i haven't got a choice now as my heart is breaking everyday as i know time is running out-or already has. :( Oh I should've said i had day 3 and 21 bloods in april this yr and was normal (different gp who's left) i seem to have a short luteal phase sometimes 8 or 10 days. Gp not interested.Iam taking 50mg vit b6, folic acid,vit D and vit C and evening primrose oil daily till ov. I have very heavy periods but ov regularly but was cd22 this month. To be honest i just want to tell someone and know iam not alone. Thanks for lstening ladies. Baby dust to all. xxxxxxxxx


manfa - September 30

hi yazz

im taking it unprescribed too done a lot of research about it so feel im going into it with my eyes open!! i had 2 miscarriages after my youngest son was born hes 18mths now they were both early m/c
i am also gonna be taking it days 3-7 are you starting on a 50mg tablet or higher? but i gotta wait til my af comes which should be around 9 10 11 of october!! for once it cant come soon enough!!!!


LuvBabies - September 30

Hi yazz22 - I also have a large family and am nearing my 40's. I decided to take u/p clomid because I new my GP would not give it to me and because it took a while for us to conceive our last baby I did not want to have to wait too long for it to happen again. I took it on cd 5 thru 9 and 50mg also and got a BFP this month (and that was my first try on clomid).

Please god it'll happen for you too. Sorry that you m/c'd, my heart goes out to you. Keep trying and best of luck. xxx


yazz22 - September 30

Hi manfa, thanks for replying, it feels lonely at the moment.Iam going to take 50mg today (iam taking it at 7pm tonight, (I read somewhere its better to take it in evening) Have you any thoughts on that? Iam hoping it helps with egg quality. I have also spent a lot of time deciding to do this and for me its now or never. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress and hope I can help others. Look forward to hearing how you get on! Baby dust and love to all! Yazz xxxx



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