Does clomid really work
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Msgirl1981 - September 17

I just finished my last clomide a few days ago,but went to doc on cd14 which was Friday and still nothing.I've did some research and was reading that grapefruit juice can help me ovulate can some one please give me some advise cause I'm on the road to loosing all hope.We've been trying for 6 yrs now and have tried everything.


wildswan - October 20

hi dont lose hope. i got preggo on 2nd cycle of clomid to regulate ovulation. its kinda strange, my period is always on time like clockwork, so how can i not ovulate if getting a period. research says its bleeding and not a menstrual cycle. i am trying for baby#2 with clomid also, but since i finished the last pill, i feel nothing, no cm, no horniness that i would normally feel close to ovulation...i am hoping and praying for another miracle with clomid


amandadotson - October 24

I have just finished my first round of Clomid and I am now waiting to ovulate..I just wanted to know if it really works. I am hoping this works on the first round but hey it may be wishful thinking...I might just be too excited. I am trying not to get my hopes too high just in case this doesn't work but I can't help but hope. I didn't have any problems conceiving my son who is now 3yrs. but my husband and I have been trying for 2 years now to have another baby and it has not happened. My cycles were irregular and they are now getting back on track and the dr. thinks that Clomid will help me get pregnant. I guess I am just hoping to hear some words of encouragement and some success stories that will help me get through this and keep trying.


wildswan - October 24

hi, so what side effects u had from taking clomid? i think i ovulated yesterday, saw heavy cm and and my lower right side hurt a little, didnt use the opk, as i only have couple left and its rather expensive here. the robotussin helped alot with increasing cm. baby dust to you all, and dont lose hope:)


amandadotson - October 24

I have had very little cm since I have been taking the clomid. I think today is my day to ovulate because I'm having some cramping in my lower right side...I have my fingers crossed. Other than that I have only had a big increase in my trips to the potty. And I have been very thirsty..but that's all so far. I hope this works on my first
round. Best of luck to you:) keep me posted.


amandadotson - November 12

Well I have finished a round of clomid and ovulated and everything but now I have that not wanted visitor...I go to the Dr Monday so I'm hopeful that the second round are things going for you wildswan? I hope that you were successful I see you haven't been back on. Best wishes!


Nikki101 - November 13

Hi everyone i am new to the site, im 21 hubby 29 and we have been trying for 18 months now. I am soon to be taking clomid also fingers crossed that i conceive on my 1st try. Goodluck to all


amandadotson - November 13

Good luck Nikki...I just finished my first round and I just got my unwanted visitor yesterday...I wish you best of luck...keep us posted...I go to the Dr Monday and hopefully my second round goes dust to you.


Nikki101 - November 14

amandadotson sorry to hear about your unwanted visitor, i know exactly how you feel every month when you see your cycle. Do you have mood swings when you start your period? I do i get all depressed and frustrated.I hope i conceive soon because i don't know how much more i can take.I hope everything goes well at your doctor appointment.


amandadotson - November 15

Yes I get very depressed and Moody...I get so frustrated..I went back to the Dr today and he put my dose up to 100mg a day for my 5 days now..I start it on Wednesday so hopefully I have some luck on this second cycle of clomid. So are you already on clomid? I have noticed I have definately experienced some of the side effects.


wildswan - November 15

hi, its been a while since i came on, i was depressed. 1st round of clomid did not work. the hard thing is i was so certain it did, cause i got the sore breasts and had no cramping like i would normally feel before AF arrives, but it was so devastating to see it appeared. i finished the 2nd round of clomid and am expected to ovulate this wkn. i dont think i get much side effects from the clomid. i try to keep the dissappointment hidden and focus on being positive for the next cycle, its hard but i try.
i wish you girls all the best and big BFPs!!!


amandadotson - November 15

Hi...I know exactly how you feel...I had the same side effects...the sore breasts and stuff was from the clomid...I also get hot flashes which is a side effect..I thought for sure my first round worked too but it didn't. Stay positive...I'm staying positive because I know it will happen soon. You got to have faith. Its hard and its frustrating I know. I wish you the best of luck. I am starting my second round of clomid tomorrow the Dr increased my dose to 100mg a day instead of 50mg. I think my problem last month was timing..I know I ovulated because I was had really bad cramping and my cervix was extremely soft and open and cm was my poker was positive. Well best of luck and baby dust to you. :) keep us posted.


Nikki101 - November 15

No i haven't started the clomid yet because my cycle haven't came on yet im 3 days late. When it come on i will start taking 50mg on days 5-9.


Nikki101 - November 15

wildswan sorry to hear that i know exactly how u both feel, its like if someone who hasn't been through this they don't understands us and know how we feel this is hard and so hard to keep the faith. By the way you guys saying clomid making you feel it really gone make me feel like crap because i already be moody and depressed and haven't started taking it yet. Goodluck to both of you guys.


amandadotson - November 16

Thanks Nikki good luck to you too...I start my 2nd round tomorrow...I hope this is it! :)


Nikki101 - November 17

Let me know how your second round goes.


wildswan - November 17

hi girls, well i tested for ovulation yesterday and no luck yet, i saw some ewcm earlier this dont know if to test or to jus do the do. i'll feel alot better if i get a positive on the opk, knowing at least the clomid is helping me ovulate. i am a real christmas person, so i am busy these days shopping and decorating , that it keeps my mind of the baby thoughts:) then the anxiety starts when its time to ovulate and that darn 2ww..arrrrrrrr!! good luck amanda with your second round. i hope the 2nd round is our time, it was for me for my first baby:) nikki do you have irregular cycles?



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