Why Choose Herbs?

The story is one that is repeating all over the United States: you and your partner decided to have a baby, but somehow, it just doesn't seem to be happening. So, after a reasonable period of time, you begin to look into the idea of fertility treatments. There sure are a lot of them today, thank goodness; but some of them, for instance IUI and IVF, seem so high-tech, not to mention expensive.

You may not be ready to delve into that world quite yet. So, you explore other options. You look for treatments that won't have quite the same impact on your body, your emotions, and your wallet. Herbal remedies may just fit the bill as a less invasive, more natural way to boost your fertility. Herbs can increase both male and female fertility; and many swear they make a big difference in your chances of becoming pregnant.

Herbal remedies are a type of alternative medicine. The remedies come from plants and extracts of plants. These remedies have been in use for hundreds of years and were in use before the advent of modern medicine. Herbs can be used to treat both physical and emotional symptoms.

Popular In China

The remedies are taken from the various parts (leaves, bark, roots, flowers, berries) of a large number of plants. Herbal remedies are most popular in the Far East and in China, but have grown in popularity in the United States, as well.

One of the oldest and most common uses of herbal remedies is for treating infertility. There is evidence to prove that herbs were used to treat both men and women for fertility issues as long ago as 200 A.D. Herbal treatments for fertility are made from those plants and their extracts which are thought to have a beneficial effect on libido, hormonal balance, and on the reproductive organs. The herbs may be used by either the male or female partner, or used by both where a couple wishes to address the fertility issues together. These remedies can address fertility issues such as:

*Low sperm motility

*Erectile dysfunction

*Irregular Menses

*Hormonal imbalances

Dearth Of Data

In traditional, western medicine, some physicians prefer to dissuade their patients from using herbal remedies. This reluctance is based on the dearth of research data on herbs. It is not known with scientific certainty whether herbal remedies are either safe or effective. But clinical data is beginning to accumulate and herbal remedies continue to be appealing to infertile couples all across the U.S.

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