The Natural Fertility Diet

In a bid to be in the best shape possible for conception, women are ever in search of the right diet - the method of eating that will contribute to their health and the health of their bodies. As with weight loss diets, there are many fertility diets out there to choose from, and generally speaking, a woman will choose the one that fits best with her lifestyle and tastes.

Diet Pioneers

The research and diets of two pioneers in fertility and pregnancy foods, Dr. Weston Price (who passed away in 1948) and Dr. Thomas Brewer (who passed away in 2005), form the basis for the Natural Fertility Diet which is designed to help a woman establish optimal health for conception and pregnancy. Additionally, information from the Harvard Medical School publication of The Fertility Diet by Dr. Jorge E. Chavarro, et al, has influenced the structure of the Natural Fertility Diet.

The Harvard Nurses Study that followed 18,000 nurses over a period of several years, showed a decrease of 80% in infertility when lifestyle changes were made by changing to a fertility diet. Women who made five or more positive lifestyle changes, including specific changes to their diets, decreased their risk of infertility due to ovulatory disorders by 80 percent when compared to women who did nothing in terms of changing their lifestyles.

Feed and Nourish the Body Naturally

The premise of the Natural Fertility Diet is that Nature has created foods to help nourish and feed the body. When unhealthy foods are avoided and the body has optimal nourishment, then repair and rebuilding takes place. The building blocks of cells in the body are formed from the foods you eat - the better the food, the stronger the cells. Remember, cells in your entire body are dying off and being replaced constantly. Why not establish strong, healthy cells that will be a solid foundation for conception and pregnancy.

The Natural Fertility Diet

The Natural Fertility Diet is not a weight loss diet. It is designed to give your body exactly what it needs and, if your body needs to lose weight, it will - if it doesn't, it won't and if you need to gain some weight, you will. The beauty of this is that your body will balance out and be healthy, which enhances your ability to conceive.

· Eat plenty of organically grown vegetables and fruits. Conventional growing methods are loaded with harmful pesticides and herbicides that have been shown to negatively affect both male and female fertility.

· Eat organic, grass-fed, raw dairy or eliminate dairy products. Organic, grass-fed, raw dairy products are the best choice for dairy. However, dairy foods can cause congestion in the body. Fertility issues that are congestive (PCOS and endometriosis) can be aggravated by dairy. Monitor your body to see how it is responding.

· Eat cold water fish only (if you eat fish). Fish is an important source for Omega-3 fatty acids which are aids in the production of hormones. They reduce inflammation and help regulate the menstrual cycle. It's also a prime source of protein and vitamin A. Avoid deep water fish and choose cold water fish like Alaska salmon, halibut and cod. Don't eat farmed fish because they contain antibiotics and toxic food dyes.

· Choose grass-fed, organic meat. Conventionally grown cattle contain heavy doses of hormones and antibiotics which complicate estrogen dominate conditions in your body. Grass-fed meats are high in essential fatty acids and low in saturated fats as well as being an excellent source of protein. If you have endometriosis, you may want to cut back or eliminate red meat from your diet. Studies show a link between red meat and endometriosis.

· Choose only free range, organic chicken. Purchase your chicken from a reputable organic grower to avoid the antibiotics and hormones used in conventional growing methods.

· Eat grains in their whole, natural form. Fiber, vitamins, and immune support are all found in whole, natural grains. Fiber keeps blood sugar level and gets rid of excess hormones. Processed grains have no real value.

· Have high fiber foods with each meal. Along with regulating the blood sugar (helps with PCOS and immunological issues), fiber promotes healthy hormonal balance. So eat your organic fruit, veggies, dark leafy greens and beans.

· If you eat soy, make sure it is fermented. Estrogen mimicking properties are in soy foods and if you're trying to get pregnancy, the excess estrogen can really mess things up.

· No refined sugars or processed fruit juices. The best juice is the juice you produce yourself from your juicer. Replace sugar with stevia, honey, or maple syrup.

· Drink lots of clean, filtered water. The best water is from reverse osmosis. Bottled water can pick up estrogen mimicking chemicals from the plastic bottles it comes in.

By switching to organically grown fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy, you limit the amount of harmful chemicals taken into your body. Often, the chemicals in the foods we eat wreak havoc with our hormones and result in perpetuating imbalance and disease.

Dietary changes can open the door to fertility for you.  Check out the fertility diets on our site.

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