Fertomid 50mg
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CNG - August 8

Hi, I am new here. i want to find out about the days that you have to take fertomid. What is the difference if you take fertomid 50mg from days 5-9 or from days 2-6. Are the chances better to become pregnant if you take it from days 2-6?


Mandy-SA - August 8

Hi, I also take fertomid 50mg but on days 3 to7. This is my fifth cycle. If AF arrives next week I will take my last round. I also ovulated evey time and this month my progesterone level was 127 which was excellent but DH has a low sperm cournt So lets see what happens.
To answer your question I think it has to do with the later you take it the better your chances of mature follicles but also try to google it I might just be some what off. Where are you from cause you are the first person on this thread that I've heard is on fertomid. I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. How long have you been TTC. Mandy


KayceeR - August 8

hi, i also take fertomid 50mg days 5-9...i call it clomid though because its the same thing. i am not sure about the answer to your questiong but if you find out let me know. good luck


CNG - August 9

Hi, me again. I am from Witbank, SA.. I am 29 yrs old and have a son 10yrs. Me and my husband is now struggling for 7-8 yrs. I was on the depo shot for 2yrs. Now I thought I would give fertomid a try so I ask my dr to prescribe it to me. She gave me a 3 months prescription of fertomid 50mg. The thing is I just want more info on that. I heard that after the first month if nothing happens, I should take a 100mg. But then again, other people take it from day 2-6 so it is a bit confusing. So I thought to myself that just maybe, a big maybe, it is better to take it from days 2-6. i have take it this month from days 5-9. Yesterday was my day 9. So i will just pray that it work this month.


Hope B - February 19

hi, am also new here. i'll also be starting with Fertomid 50 tommorow 3-7 days, and it will be my fisrt cycle so i don't know much about this except what the Doc. instructed me., and hope God will us through.


Hope B - February 19

hi me again. after taking the Fetomid 50 , for the first month when must i go again to see my Doc. and can somebody tell me when can i get a vitalab around JHB area since am from Limpopo.


jknoetze - January 19

hey everyone. i finished my fertomid from day 3 - 7. and i started feeling a bit wierd today. dont know if it is normal??? like my body is changing or something. can someone help me??


Mellis - August 4

Hi I am also new here, my Docotor put me on Fertomid only 1/2 tab from day 2 to 6. Not sure if it has worked yet, will be having a blood test on the 10 August to see if I am pregnant or if I ovulated. I wish everyone the best of luck.


smd - September 14

hi, i have also just started fertomid 50,i am on the 5-9 cycle and i am a bit worried. has anybdy tried it adn fallen pregnant from it?? this is my first month and i really want a baby... what else can i do...


Yay - November 30

Hi all, i have been on fertomid 50 for 5 days, i am now 10 weeks pregnant with twins after the first month. Hang in there fertomid 50 does work


aspatat - March 5

Hi Everybody. I see that some of these posts are already two years old. Have anyone had any luck with fertomid yet? I've been taking it for more than a year and had no luck yet. We even had AI last year in Feb which didn't work. Someone told me that one should go for a uterus scrape which will greatly increase chances of conception. Is this true? I take my fertomid from days 4 to 8. I wonder why the different cycles for everyone?


mamamaybe16 - March 19

Howdy Y'all:) I am starting Fertomid 50mg in two days, and I was just wondering what the side effects are like? And any success stories?


Noliah - July 4

Hi Im very new here and I am in desperate need of help.I had a misscarraige last year September and I've been struggling to fall pregnant ever since. I have been on clomid, fertomid 50mg and provera. I went back to my gynae after i took the fertomid and he confirmed that the fertomid has worked, he also advised me when to be intimate, but when i had to be intimate i started bleeding and bled for about 6 weeks non stop. i had to take cyklokapron to stop the bleeding. please please please help as i don't know what to do anymore.


sap72 - August 9

Hi, I am also new here. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 14 months now, following a miscarriage. After a year I decided to see a fertility specialist. She did a Clomid challenge test to see if I could produce a healthy follicle. I had my blood drawn for FSH and Progesterone levels on day 1. Then I took Clomid 100mg on day 5-9. On day 10 I had another blood test. The fertility Md said that my FSH and Progesterone levels went up very high after taking the Clomid and that I more than likely produced 2 follicles that month. From what I understand, taking it from day 5-9 is more likely to produce less but healthier follicles. Taking it earlier than that will more likely produce more follicles but they may not mature and be of lesser quality. This month I will take the Clomid again and try to get pregnant naturely. I hope this helps you all and wish you good luck!!


xkimx - August 22

hi im new on here ive been takin fertomid 50mg for 4 months wiv no luck yet (i hav a 2 yr old little boy and misscarried at 12 wks in jan and been strugglin ever since) im goin to try takin them days 5-9 to see if it makes any difference


[email protected] - November 1

hi i am 22 year old me and my husband we been trying to make a baby i have a five year old boy without the help of any fertility drugs bt now i find it difficult to conceive and i started fertomid 50 for two months bt i dnt fall pregnant, i want to find out about the days u have to take fertomid? coz my Dr told me to take it when im on my periods i am really desperate for another child plz help.


MERCY3 - December 4

Hi I'm new here and I've trying for a baby since 2010 with no luck until my Doc prescrip Fertomid for which I'll start taking on days 07 to 11.is my chances of being prag high or lo



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