unprescribed clomid
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yazz22 - September 30

Hi manfa, thanks for replying, it feels lonely at the moment.Iam going to take 50mg today (iam taking it at 7pm tonight, (I read somewhere its better to take it in evening) Have you any thoughts on that? Iam hoping it helps with egg quality. I have also spent a lot of time deciding to do this and for me its now or never. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress and hope I can help others. Look forward to hearing how you get on! Baby dust and love to all! Yazz xxxx


yazz22 - September 30

Hi LuvBabies, Thanks so so much for your reply,You truly lifted my spirits today! Congratulations !xxxx Its great to hear a success story especially from someone approaching 40. Thank you for your kind words, i feel like i have friends who actually understand how it feels to want a baby so much. Baby dust and love to allxxx Yazz


manfa - September 30

hi yazz

funny you say about the time to take clomid as i too decided i will be taking it in the evening! figure that i may sleep through any side effects i may get!!
have read on some sites online that if u take clomid days 3-7 that it produces more eggs but days 5-9 is a better quality but there have never been any test s to prove this fact!!

good luck with it all let me know how u get on!! xx


LuvBabies - September 30

Hi Yazz22 - Not at all, we're all here because we want the same thing and it's so nice to be able to chat to people in the same boat. If there's anything you need to know or are worried about while you are on and once you've finished the clomid just ask. And thanks so much for the congrats, I hope it all goes well now and fingers crossed I'll have a safe and healthy baby at the end of it all.

Did you get any side effects at all?


hsg123 - October 1

Hello ladies, I'm taking prescribed clomid, 50 mg. I'm afraid my dr won't give me more after I reached 6 cycles. So I think I will order online then. I'm taking it days 5-9. I was thinking about taking it days 4-8. In the middle... Any thoughts on that? I also take them at night before bed and don't have any side effects at all. I'm ovulating regularly, d23 levels are great. I'm 36, trying for first baby for 4 months now.


yazz22 - October 1

Hi LuvBabies,second day on 50mg clomid,the most noticeable side effect has been a dry mouth. I had a bit of a restless night but my mind was going waiting for some sort pain/headache but so far so good.One other thing is my period has eased(Iam usually very heavy for at least 5-6 days)anyone else noticed a change? How much clomid did you take and what days? Thanks for answering my questions luvbabies and the very best wishes in your pregnancy xxxx yazz xxx


yazz22 - October 1

Hi Manfa, yeah Iam taking it at 8pm, am i correct in thinking you should take it the same time every night? Dry mouth and a lighter period seem to be the only side affect so far,part of me feels that i should've started on 100mg but fear stopped me!! Ive read some people take it for 6 days or up the dossage near the end, have you heard that? Thanks Yazz xx


manfa - October 2

hi yazz

yeah i have heard that you should take it the same time every day/night and i too am thinking that i should just go straight for the 100mg for the reason that my partner works on the rigs and does 5 weeks on and 5 off and he ll be here for my 1st round (oct) but then it works out he wont be here for the 2nd cycle in november so i d have to wait till december!! which i dont really wanna wait!!! WHAT ARE MY CHANCES GONNA BE OF FALLING PREGNANT 1ST CYCLE??!!! lol can i be as lucky as iluvbabies!!! lol hope so!!!

so a lighter period is a possibilty for my periods are fairly light anyway and have heard of people taking a mixed dosage through the 5 days but not taking it for 6 days!

keep posting and let us know how your getting on!!

lots of baby dust!! xx


manfa - October 2

hi hsg123

have heard of lots of ladies changing the days they take their clomid most common days ive heard people taking them is days 3-7 and 5-9 have also read that if u take days 3-9 u produce more eggs and 5-9 a better quality egg but as i was saying to yazz there is no facts to back this up!!

i will be taking my u/p clomid for the 1st time in about 8 days! am hoping it will work 1st time as due to partners job i wouldnt be able to do the 2nd cycle til dec! i am gonna be taking it days 3-7
i bought my clomid from a site called w w w . eurodrugstore . eu was very reasonably priced and delivery to the uk was only 5 days!!

have you had any side effects from it? why did the dr prescribe it for you? where are you from?

lots of baby dust to you hope this month is your month xx


hsg123 - October 2

Hi manfa,
I was given clomid because I was not ovulating. I didn't have any side effects from the clomid. But since I'm taking it I can feel when I'm ovulating. I'm afraid it might be hyperstimulation. It lasts for a day or so. I too wanted my doctor up my dosage from 50 to 100 after the first cycle because I didn't get pregnant. The doctor declined, saying that I'm reacting to the 50mg. But now I know if I took the higher dose this hyperstimulation can be dangerously worse. Also the higher dose makes the lining of your uterus thinner, it won't be thick enough for implantation to occur. So if you ovulate on 50 mg you really don't need higher dose. Don't have any added benefits.
I know how frustrating is when your husband is away when you're ovulate. This is my 4th cycle on clomid and 3 out of 4 times my dh wasn't around. So I wasted those clomid cycles. Usualy they don't prescribe it for more than 6 months because over time the lining can become very thin. Actualy for many women their period gets lot lighter with clomid, its also from the thinning of the lining. Less lining less af.
Yes, its very tempting to up the dosage. I might try it for one month against my better judgement:)
Good luck to you and lots of baby dust! Oh, I'm from New York.


manfa - October 2

Hi hsg123
A lot of people have commented that they can feel when they are ovulating
I think I'm gonna do oct with the clomid miss nov as he's not here and then take second cycle of clomid in dec no point taking it if he aint gonna be here!
Good luck and keep posting any progress!


LuvBabies - October 3

Hi hsg123 - I took it cd days 5-9 only because I had heard that it produces stronger eggs but not sure how true that is. I took my first cycle in September and got a bfp at the end of Sept so hopefully everything will go well. I ovulate normal and have a regular cycle. I found the side effects rotten but now I'm thinking that it was because I took the pill at 9am every morning and not at night like the other girls here and they slept through most of the pain! LOL.

Anyway, I hope it works for you and best of luck. Let us know how you get on.


LuvBabies - October 3

Hi Yazz22 - I took 50mg cd 5 thru 9. I was initially toying with taking 100mg but was too scared. Thought I'd see how the 50mg went first in the end and delighted that it worked. How are you feeling now? Waiting for ovulation?


hsg123 - October 3

Hi Manfa, that's a good idea that ypu won't take it when your husband is not around. When are you going to start your clomid. I'm on d22 now, so if I get af on d28 I will start clomid on 10/13. I wish you best of luck!


hsg123 - October 3

Hi Luvbabies,
Congratulations! I wish I was as lucky as you were! First try and bammm! Wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!


manfa - October 4

hi hsg

i should get my af the 10th 11th of october so if your comes when expected we will pretty much be on par together for taking it!! we can compare side effects!!

im taking it days 3-7 in the evening what about you?
still cant decide if its gonna be the 50mg or 100mg???? or even a mix of both as i ve read some ladies do that! i just dont know!! i know i ovulate anyway so im in the frame of mind at the min that if i do take 100mg will it even make any difference?? i just hope it works coz i really dont wanna have to wait til december to try again!! still fingers crossed!! for us both!!
lets hope we are both as lucky as luvbabies!!!

good luck and lots of baby dust!! x



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