TTC IN 2010!!!
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jayton - October 30

Ok so i just did a pg test ,the ones tht show the plus sign well thehorizontal line was really dark and defined , but i could see a space in tht line where the vertical one would be, it was almost as though the line was there but was clear.,could this mean im pg?


wantababybump87 - November 1

Hello everyone! Im Kelly, I have been married for 2 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17 im 23 now. We have been ttc for a few years now. I am taking metformin and clomid right now. I took clomid days 5-9. I had to use provera to start Af. im on day 19. I have been using OPK and it hasnt been possitive yet. BUt the instructions say that people with pcos or using clomid can effect it. I'm really hoping for a baby. I hope this worked. I have been reading your stories and they give me hope!!! Baby dust to all!!!


jayton - November 11

BFP never thought it could happen, and just when i wasnt even checking anything



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