unprescribed clomid
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manfa - October 4

hi hsg

i should get my af the 10th 11th of october so if your comes when expected we will pretty much be on par together for taking it!! we can compare side effects!!

im taking it days 3-7 in the evening what about you?
still cant decide if its gonna be the 50mg or 100mg???? or even a mix of both as i ve read some ladies do that! i just dont know!! i know i ovulate anyway so im in the frame of mind at the min that if i do take 100mg will it even make any difference?? i just hope it works coz i really dont wanna have to wait til december to try again!! still fingers crossed!! for us both!!
lets hope we are both as lucky as luvbabies!!!

good luck and lots of baby dust!! x


melip82 - October 4

Hello Everyone

My name is Melissa and I am 28 years old. I have actually been on this site since around 2003-2004....my name was "MelissaP". I have been ttc this whole time. I have had a divorce in these years and now I am with someone new. I have had labwork, the HSG test, been on clomid,doing the charting through fertilityfriend, all of that. I was told I had mild PCOS. My periods are irregular. The clomid did make me ovulate, however, as I continued taking it the ovulation cramps were getting too much to bear. My doctor had even stated it is not good to take it more than 5 rounds or so. My labwork had shown a progesterone deficiency. While women need their levels to be between 10 and 20 at least after O to sustain a pregnancy...mine was only about 4. I am looking into otc progesterone creams...but I am not sure what to use, what is safe, and how it will affect me. I was hoping one of you girls had insight.


yazz22 - October 4

Hi LuvBabies,I still have one clomid to take this evening then i will be watching for ov. Haven't really had much side affects although did feel a little light left ov ache on and off on day 5 but it soon went. Today was toying with idea of upping to 100mg ?? any thoughts ?? Ive read some ladies do booster days especially when using isoflavins. Decisions decisions lol!! Any thoughts greatly appreciated. love to all xxx yazz22xxxxxxxx


manfa - October 4

hi melissa

same here was told i had pcos when my first child was about 5 years old i have never been on any birth control at all ever! so the pcos explained why i hadnt ever fallen pregnant!! i had my 2nd son 18mths ago so had to wait 10yrs for him to come along!! i had given up all hope and had excepted that i was only going to have 1 child and i should be grateful for him!! my af is pretty regular now about 32 days

do u think your gonna try the clomid again? what dose did you take on what days? so for all the questions!

really sorry cant help on the progesterone creams
i know its hard and puts a lot of pressure on a relationship but im sure it will happen for you- im your proof!!
lots of luck and baby dust to youxxx


hsg123 - October 5

Hi Manfa,
Yes, if you start on 10/10 and take the pills on cd3-7 we will be on the same schedule. I supposed to have af on 10/09 and I think I will take the clomid on cd4-8.
I just started to have cramps. I might get af earlier this month. I heard that can happen after hsg test and they can also be very painful :(.
We shall see...
Good luck and lots of baby dust!


manfa - October 5

hi hsg

what made you decide your gonna take them on days 4-8?

i too was starting to get headaches and a little crampy yesterday thats how i usually know af is coming especially the headaches, so i was thinking maybe it gonna be early this month
least we ll be on the 2 week wait together! 2 whole lonnnnnnggggg weeks!! lol not looking forward to it hate waiting for things as it is!!
lots of baby dust xx


manfa - October 5


forgot to say i too had an hsg test when i was under the fertility doctor to see if tubes were blocked everything can back ok in full working order!
from what i can remember i didnt have af early but was very crampy up until i did!
did you try metformin?


hsg123 - October 5

Omg!!! I hate that 2ww. Its like I'm wishing my life away, always waiting for these 2 weeks to pass. They are the slowest weeks ever!!! Yes, I was so crampy yesterday. Everything irritated me: my boss, my co-workers and just people in general hehe. Plus it was so cold and dark and damp. I'm playing hookie today, haven't done that in a long while.
I decided on cd4-8 because I was debating between the other two options. Hopefully I will have many mature follicles. I've nver seen anybody prescribed clomid on days 4-8. Is there a reason or they don't like even numbers?


manfa - October 5

hi hsg

i ve read its taken 5-9 as it matures the egg already there waiting , and 3-7 to produce more eggs never heard it taken on days 4-8 also read that the drs prefer it to be taken on days 3-7 but how true this is is anyones guess!!
cant see why it would be a problem taking it 4-8 tho as its within the 3-9 days isnt it

this ll be my first 2ww!! not looking forward to it lol xx


ingenue - October 5

Hsg123 how painful is the hsg test? :S


hsg123 - October 5

Hi Ingenue,
Well. I won't lie to you! It was very painful for me. But I read some women it was just a bit uncomfortable. I'm usualy pretty good with pain, when I was a teenager I had very bad cramps, ended up in ER a few times.
The HSG was like that pain put together. The only good thing about the procedure, that the pain was only about 30 seconds. While they were pushing the fluid in. There is thread here with abot 1000 comments about the hsg.
If it cleared my tubes then it really worth the pain. Many women got pregnant within 3 months after this test. This is my first month. I hope it worked for me too!
Good luck to you!


LuvBabies - October 5

Hi yazz22 - not sure really on upping to 100mg, I didn't try that myself and didn't realised you could do it until read it a few places, can't see it doing any harm, can you? Anyway, am sure you made your decision already, sorry for delay in getting back to you. Hope it all went ok for you, now it's just a waiting game for OV and then to see if it worked, that's the worst part. Will you do opk's or do you pretty much know your OV dates?

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Hope it all works out.


yazz22 - October 6

Hi LuvBabies, Thanks for replying, yeah decided to just stick with the 50mg this time. 1 day after finishing I had some mild cramping and slight stabbing pain in ovaries,noticed cm had increased so did opk but not pos,but line was visable so decided to begin bd now and every other day! Seems early to ov but better safe than sorry!! Still feel a bit crampy. Trying to decide if I should start the Robitussin or just continue with 1500mg epo, any thoughts? My ov is sometimes diff, last one was 21cd others 16,9, 13,17, So have to use opk's (wish I had shares in the company)lol !! Thanks for listening and the good wishes, I really appreciate them xxx yazz22 xxxxxxx


yazz22 - October 6

Hi Manfa.just checking how you are, hope you are doing well and will soon have your BFP xx Iam waiting for ov now, no really bad symptoms just a little mild stabbing in ovaries and a bit of cramping. Its crazy but Iam worried that i haven't had symptoms like others, that it hasn't really worked! Take care, loads of baby dust!!xx Yazz22 xxx


LuvBabies - October 6

Hi yazz22 - yeah, I had the cramping too and to be honest I was a little panicky over it but it all turned out ok, guess it was just the unknown that scared me, thought my ovaries were going to combust! And the same to with my cm, thought it was playing tricks on me so had to buy two opks in the end to make sure I caught the LH surge and did the same as you, every other night with the old babymaking. I didn't actually do any of the robitussin and such, thought I'd try see how things went without it but a lot of folks seem to use it, I guess it can't do any harm, right?

Anyway, let me know how you get on, hoping all goes well and there's a little heartbeat soon! xxx


manfa - October 7

hi yazz

am a few days off from my af now! for once am looking forward to it coming lol cant wait to get started!!
have def decided im gonna take 50mgs on days 3-7 and then follow that by the robitussin until ovulation! was debating with taking 100mgs but decided will see how the 50mg goes
good to hear you didnt suffer too much with the side effects. if i was you i d take the signs of cramping as a good sign that it worked!!
refresh my memory what days did you take your clomid again?
hope you hit the spot this month and get you bfp!!
lots and lots of baby dust!!!!
let us know your progress!



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