Happy, Healthy Sperm

If a couple has been trying to conceive for some time without results, but they are not yet ready to seek intervention, it is important that both assess their reproductive health. Male fertility hinges upon sperm quality and quantity. A variety of things can affect both aspects-for good and for bad. Some things are beyond control, but many things can be helped or corrected without much difficulty.

Male Factor Fertility

The factors that are attributed to healthy sperm include quantity, quality, and motility. A man is considered fertile if he has more than 20 million sperm per millilitre of semen. Of all the millions of sperm that are in the ejaculated semen, about 200 actually make the trek to the woman's fallopian tube where the egg is sitting, waiting for fertilization. Only one of the 200 will penetrate the egg and cause fertilization.

I Love The Way You Look...

In addition, researchers are discovering that the health of the sperm is as important as the amount of sperm available. Quantity is important, but it is equally important that the sperm morphology be good as well. Morphology is the shape and structure of the sperm and a man is considered fertile if more than one-third of his sperm are normal in both shape and structure. Normal sperm has an oval head and a long tail, which moves it forward. If the head is misshapen, too large or small, tapered or crooked or the tail is kinked, twisted, curled or is doubled, then the sperm probably will not reach the egg.

...And The Way You Move

In order to reach the egg, the sperm have to be able to swim upstream toward the egg after they have been deposited by the semen into the vaginal canal. They swim, squirm, and wriggle their way to the egg where one will penetrate it. If half of a man's sperm is motile (moving), then the man is considered fertile. All three aspects-quantity, quality, and motility-are evaluated when determining the health of a man's sperm.

What A Guy Can Do To Help Himself

Even if a man and his partner are both healthy, it may take many attempts before success is attained and conception is accomplished. In order to do his part to ensure his sperm is healthy and strong enough to take care of business, a man can contribute to his own health and well-being. Eating a healthy diet, which includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and maintaining a healthy weight, contribute greatly to sperm health. A multivitamin helps to provide trace minerals, which may be missing from the diet. Taken daily, such nutrients as zinc, folic acid and selenium, are added to his diet and these minerals all help to promote optimal sperm function and production. Add a regular exercise component to the mix and things will perk along very well. It is important not to overdo exercising, though. Hormone levels are affected by intense exercise and it is necessary that the hormone levels remain even for good sperm production.

Fortunately, many men can strengthen the conception process by simply taking good care of their bodies. Others may have issues beyond the scope of basic wellness that will need medical treatment.

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