Getting Pregnant

So, you've decided to make a baby. For a woman, deciding to become pregnant has to be one of the most momentous and exciting decisions of her life. But getting pregnant isn't about waving a wand and presto chango, you're with child. Making the decision involves a great deal of planning. What can you do to ready your body for pregnancy?

Folic Acid!

Many women don't know that they should be taking folic acid before they become pregnant to avoid neural tube defects in the soon-to-be developing embryo. Once you do conceive, you should be taking a good prenatal multivitamin pill every single day, though some experts advise starting these multivitamins in advance of pregnancy.

You also need to consider your lifestyle. If you smoke or drink, you'll want to quit three months before you conceive so you can clear the toxins from these substances out of your body. You may want to make changes in your diet, too.

While you may have made the decision to go ahead and become pregnant, you still have the right to feel a mixture of emotions: excitement, confusion, maybe even a bit of fear. You may have no idea how to proceed once you do become pregnant. You may find that you receive a plethora of advice but that sometimes the advice you receive from one friend or relative conflicts with that of another. It's no wonder you have all these mixed feelings and confusion.

Rewind That Film

But wind back the film a bit. Pregnancy doesn't have to be so overwhelming. It's a natural biological process. Just cover your bases by reading the information in this section and you'll be able to proceed with aplomb! Here you'll learn how to get pregnant, how to tell that you've succeeded at conception, and how to proceed with your prenatal care for the best possible pregnancy and healthiest mother and baby.

As you try to conceive, you may find that each month now holds an anxious several days in which you wait on tenterhooks to find out whether or not you've succeeded in becoming pregnant. This is a very stressful time for you. We can show you how to listen to your body so you can read for yourself any possible signs of pregnancy. We also tell you about the variety of pregnancy tests available that can help verify your condition.

Once you learn that you've managed the miracle and become pregnant, you can read all about prenatal care and the steps you can take to ensure your pregnancy is a healthy one. We also explain the details of prenatal screenings and tests as well as the various pregnancy-related health risks. Our aim is to take the worry out of your pregnancy so you can just enjoy this special time in your life.

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Can I ovulate during my period? Sometimes get 2 periods a month Been tryin to conceive for 4 yrs not a even a scare. Any adive I need help just turnd 30
spanish rose
I've just started on fertomids recently ,taking folic acids an vitamins I'm excited
im on day 23 of my normally 26 day cycle and have period pains but no bleeding, does this mean im about to get my period? my skins not great either around my nose and mouth..