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kimj - November 5

My husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby, so far I have been told to have sex five days prior to my period or mid-way through my cycle which would be two weeks prior to my period which is it? My LH spike is about two weeks prior to my period. Any suggestions?


amandadotson - November 6

I would suggest every other day at least...unless you ovulate the same time every month. My Dr told me that if we have intercourse every other day we should hit the fertile days and have better chances.


wildswan - November 15

if you have a 28day cycle, u should ovulate on day 14th. but there are the signs when u are ovulating like the ewcm. when u detect the LH is the perfect time to bd. keep the clear blue opk close by!


Fummy - July 15

What is opk?


Nikki101 - July 16

OPK is an Ovulation predictor kit


blackrosegul - January 9

My Dr told me that if we have intercourse every other day we should hit the fertile days and have better chances.



Arose - September 16

Hi Kim
Let me start by encouraging you to continue TTCing, and I am sure soon you will be a happy mother. However, I want to put records straight here. I know many women who think that the right time to have sex when they want to conceive is a few days before the periods. I have even encountered women who think that having sex when in they are in their periods guarantees them a baby. Wrong! You see, fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube. This allows the brain to send signals so that a layer of thick blood is formed around the uterus to wait for the baby. This should, therefore, happen earlier. The fertilized egg will then take 6 or so day to travel to the uterus. It takes another five days to get implanted in the uterus. It, therefore, means that fertilization takes place two weeks before your period date. And so every couple that is TTC should have sex around the second week after the first day of the period. This is the 14th day. Since we know that sperm can survive in the vagina for 48 hours, having sex four days before the 14th day can lead to pregnancy.


snjeza1 - September 24

Every other day is good start. Don't feel badif doesn' work the first month. If you are under stress to get pregnant immediately you will have so much problem to conceive. Don't worry about the scedule. Try to be regular but if you are tired is better to wait a day.


janajana1 - September 24

Don't think that you must succeed the first month. I hope you will. You got some good advices on this forum. Try to do like that. You and your husband have to relax. Not to think you must do it only that day and count old the time.


susy123 - September 24

I advice you to read post from Arose. She explain you detailed what is happening in your body. Try to do like that. I agree with Jana also. If is to stressful it doesn't working. Stress is an enemy of conceiving.


zawadipet - September 26

Dear, Kimj.
Thank you for sharing your TTC commitment with us on this forum. I am thrilled that you focused on getting advice. You were advised to go for a baby search five days before the date of your period, and in the middle of your cycle. You will probably get lots of pieces of advice as to when you conjugate for a baby. When I was TTC, some of my friends told me that I would conceive on any day of any given month, others said the opposite. They said I need to have sex on the ovulation day, which I also found to be a fallacy. The truth is the matter is that there exists a six-day fertile window within your cycle, these are made of the five days before your ovulation, extending to the day of your ovulation. During the six-day fertile window, the best time when you have a higher chance of conceiving is within the two or three days preceding the ovulation and on the day of your ovulation. Your fertility is at its highest at this point. If you notice cervical mucus being wet, clear, and stretchy, then you are ready! Good luck!



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