Can you ovulate EARLY?
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soimpatient - March 7

I'm beginning to think that I don't ovulate when I'm supposed to (you know, 14 days before the next af). I am on cycle day 3 and I'm wondering if I should start using OPKs now? Is it possible to ovulate right after AF?


Kathy - March 7

I started out using OPK's around day 3 of my cycle. Now that I know when I ovulate, I start around day 9. It is possible to ovulate anytime. From what I understand, most women ovulate more towards mid cycle. Your OPK will be positive 24-48 hours before you ovulate. You can also do the BBT. This did not work for me. I am not that disciplined. I hoped this helped. Goodluck.


Becca - March 9

Yes It it possible to ovulate both early or late. I have a luteal phase defect and ovulate on day ~20 of a 28 day cycle. My doc had me on progesterone to help maintain the pregnancy due to two losses. I am no 20 weeks pregnant. Some bodies are just a little off....he was getting ready to start me on some medication to regulate my ovulation, but then I found out I was pregnant, so I just continued the progesterone and prayed for the first 13 weeks....:) Still praying for this wonderful bundle of joy due in July!!! :)


Pinky - March 9

I got + OPK on 25th january last month and got my period on 11th february. I am not sure wether my L-Phase long or I ovulated late after I got +OPK. Well I start to test once I saw fertile mucus and feel my cervix open...


June - March 9

You can ovulate right after your period but if you have a short cycle. Like 21 day cycle. If you have a 28 day cycle you can also ovulate day 12 -14. First thing to know is how long is your cycle?


buffy2297 - March 9

You can actually ovulate as early as CD6 and have a longer luteal phase. If you have cycle, which is shorter than 25 days I would consult your GP. I ovulated on CD 8 and got PG so yes you can ovulate early and it is nothing to worry about.


soimpatient - March 9

I guess I should explain myself a bit...My cycles are very long...45 days + . The reason I ask if you can ovulate early is because I was wondering when I should start using my OPKs...if I started 18 days before my next period I am worried that I might have missed my big O. Any advice for a long cycled girl like me??


June - March 10

Hey soimpatient...Honestly from what i know ovulating on days 5-6-7-8 is extremely rare. Like i said earlier, you have a long cycle therefore ovulation is harder to predict...i would start monitoring as soon as you finish AF just to cover all bases. Im almost 100% sure that your not an early ovulator because that would make you LP way too long to sustain pregnancy. Your lining would be to old . So the best thing to do is BBT and OPK as early as day 6 until you hit it! I hope this helps!?


soimpatient - March 10

Thanks June!


Chas - March 10

My cycles were 25-26 days and I always ovulated around cd11. I started using opk's around cd9, and sure enough it was always cd11. I am now 6 wks preg.


June - March 10

Chas, sounds about right! Im on average 26-28 and I ovulate on 12-13 or 14....It all depends on the lenght of your cycle.


kimberly - March 10

I have some advice for you as my cycles are 45 days or longer and sometime shorter. I have found that say you have a 40 day cycle that you should ovulate on around day 26 of your cycle. You should add a day to ovulation day for everyday your cycle passes 28 days. This has worked for me twice. I have 2 kids, took me 3 years to concieve my second, but once I figured out how to figure my ovulation, I was pregnant. Also, they have ovulation scopes now that are reusable, so you can test everyday if you want, for only like $20. I always watched for cm and then would begin testing. Also, if you can actually pinpoint ovulation exactly, then you can figure out how long your luteul phase is. This is the number of days after ovulation until your next period. They say your luteul phase never changes and is the same in every cycle. So if you can figure out that then every month you can know exactly what day you ovulate on, by subtractng that number by your cycle length.


buffy2297 - March 10

With such along cycle it is very very unlikely that you ovulate early in your cycle like June it is not common. I'm just one of few. With a 45 day cycle what you need to work out is 17 days before your next period is due then you need to start testing with OPK's. OPK normally tell you when to start testing in the instructions. It might be expensive but at least you can work out your cycle. It's very important when trying to concieve as we all know. Good luck


peacesarah - April 4

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