Fertility Yoga

For centuries, people seeking a greater spiritual awareness and a sense of inner peace have practiced yoga. More recently, yoga has been rediscovered by those looking to take a break from their hectic lives and for an exercise regime that is a bit different from the usual gym fare. However, as those who first practiced yoga know, this exercise offers more than just a toned body.

Benefits of Yoga
Yoga is not just about burning calories. Through yoga techniques, you are able to redirect your attention to focus on yourself, your movement and your breathing. All of these elements combine to help you relieve stress, feel more in tune with your body and help to realign and balance out your body’s systems. And this is exactly why many infertile couples have found yoga to be helpful for them.

It may seem odd that doing a particular yoga posture can help you conceive, yet many would agree it is true. Each yoga exercise focuses on a different area of your body and system. Some help to rebalance your hormones or glandular system while others increase the amount of blood flow to your organs, thereby stimulating and strengthening them. Meditation can also be a big part of yoga; it aims to bring calmness to your life and can be a great stress management technique. And as anyone having fertility problems knows, stress can be a huge obstacle when you are trying to conceive.

Alternative Medicine
While stress may not be the cause of infertility, the effects of stress on the body can often exacerbate fertility problems. This can lead to a vicious circle: you can’t conceive and feel stressed. This stress makes your female infertility or male infertility problems even worse, thereby causing more anxiety. Extreme stress can affect your hormonal balance, which is definitely a problem when you’re trying to conceive. Whether your fertility problems are due to a diagnosed issue, like endometriosis, or not, you need some stress relief.

Many have found this relief through yoga. Yoga gives you a chance to focus on yourself and being healthy, not on your problems. Yoga’s emphasis on proper breathing techniques helps to get more oxygen to your brain, thereby allowing you to think more clearly, banishing those negative thoughts from your mind. Many people feel reconnected to their bodies after a yoga class.

Those with infertility problems often report feeling stronger, more powerful and confident about their body instead of the usual attitude that their body has "failed" them. Plus, with yoga’s focus on wellness, many yoga followers find themselves motivated to improve their diets and lifestyle, two factors that can significantly increase your chances of conception.

In addition to all of these internal benefits, there are certain yoga postures that specifically target the reproductive organs and pelvic area. These poses help to increase the circulation and will stimulate the energy in these areas. Considering just how much yoga can do for you, both mentally and physically, it is not surprising that many holistic retreats incorporate yoga in their programs to a large degree. Along with other natural remedies, like massage and diet, yoga is proving to be a very effective holistic medicine for treating infertility and its emotional side effects.


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My Yoga RN
What a great article! Thank you for getting the word out on how beneficial yoga is during fertility treatments and while trying to conceive. I have seen this exhibited over and over in the past 15 years while teaching Fertility Yoga and as well as a Holistic Nurse. Excellent article and I will share this with others. Thanks again for helping get the word out on yoga for fertility and how wonderful it is for the body, mind and spirit. Keep the positivity and hope alive! Blessings, Sherry Longbottom, RN, CYT, Holistic Nurse specializing in Fertility Yoga (See MyYogaRN.com or My Yoga RN on Facebook)