Lunar Fertility

Charting the lunar fertility cycle is a practice which has been observed by women of many different cultures throughout history. This fertility theory was researched and documented in the 1950s by a Slovakian doctor called Dr. Eugen Jones. Although no concrete scientific evidence supports the lunar fertility theory, Dr. Jones claimed that a woman can boost her chances of conception by timing conception sex to correspond with certain phases of the moon.

Lunar Conception Moment

According to Dr. Jones’ writings, women have two separate fertility cycles and therefore two potential “conception moments” per cycle. The first cycle is the one recognized by conventional medicine, namely, the hormonal cycle during which the production and interaction of sex hormones stimulate the ovaries into releasing an egg which can then be fertilized. The second fertility cycle is the lunar fertility cycle. During this cycle, the woman has a potential lunar conception moment. This moment occurs when the moon is in the same position in the sky as it was at the time and date when the woman herself was born. The lunar conception moment does not have to coincide with the conventional hormonal conception moment, although it may do. In other words, the lunar fertility moment is relevant regardless of what is going on with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

The Lunar Cycle

Throughout history many people have thought that the lunar cycle mirrors the menstrual cycle. Over the course of one lunar cycle (one month), the moon waxes and wanes. At the beginning of the cycle we can only see a small slither of the moon, which grows until it becomes a “full” moon in the middle of the cycle. Thereafter we can see only smaller and smaller parts of the moon until the moon becomes “new” and the cycle starts all over again. If Dr. Jones’ theory is accurate, it would mean, for example, that a woman who was born under a full moon is fertile at the moment in each month when she can see the full moon sky.

Lunar Conception Sex

Dr. Jones writes that in order to make the most of her potential lunar conception moment, a woman should have sex during the 24 hours preceding her lunar conception moment. Other practitioners of lunar fertility say that sex during the three days preceding the lunar fertility moment is ok, because sperm lives for up to three days inside a woman’s reproductive tract.

Calculating Lunar Fertility

Promoters of the lunar fertility theory say that the lunar fertility moment can be calculated not only to the date but also to the time of day at which a woman is most fertile. It helps to know not only your date of birth but also the time of day at which you were born. You will need to use a lunar fertility calculator. Free lunar fertility calculators are available on the internet as are lunar fertility websites which charge money for the service of calculating your lunar fertility. Your fertility moment will be based on the “phase angle” of the moon at the time of your birth. The phase angle is the number of degrees by which the moon was ahead of the sun when you were born.

Does It Work?

Lunar fertility tracking is an idea supported by great a many people but as of yet, not by science. Women trying to get pregnant might like to experiment with this practice but would be advised by fertility doctors not to forgo conventional fertility treatment, with its proven success rate, in favor of the lunar fertility theory.

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