trying to conceive through clomid
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moe - March 10

I just got finished my first round of clomid and wanted to hear from people that had babies trough clomid or who are taking clomid to conceive


dblessed1 - March 20

I'm about to start on clomid myself. Are you have any side effects. I'm so nervous. I never though i would need help having a baby :^(


monique - March 21

dblessed i kinda knew i would probably need help because i have an irregular cycle but i just didnt know it would be so much involved. im now starting my second round of clomid along with metformin. i sure hope this works.i wish you luck keep me posted and ill do the same


esther - May 14

how well this pill wrks (clomid) because i have irregular period and my doc is starting on clomid well it help me


monique - May 19

ester well my period is really irregular so my doc gives me prometrium to bring it on and on the 5th day of my cycle i start my clomid from day 5 to 9


Jessica - June 10

Moe, I unfortunatly don't have a success story, YET, but I've been doing a lot of reading, and people are very successful on Clomid. I my self have PCOS so this is a little harder for me, my chances are less. I guess it really depends on what you situation is, IE why you are on clomid. Dlessed1: I hear your pain, I too NEVER thought trying to start a family would be such an emotional ride. It's really hard. But at least we all know we're not alone. I am on Clomid now too. The side effects weren't that bad, just night sweats and hot flashes, but nothing intolerable. I wish you all the best. Stay positive!! Hey my dad always said, good things come to those who wait! Never really understood that, but now I can relate! GL



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