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Taytem - February 8

Hello all, I am new to this, I have been trying to fall pregnant for about 2 years now have mostly gone for insemination, and used all normal prescribed drugs. My husband has a zero sperm count, though we had him tested a year an a half ago, after he went for a reverse vasectomy. I went for the HSG on day 8 of my cycle, all showed clear no blocked tubes. I normally have a 25 day cycle following the HSG i am now on day 28 but no period?? I do have the normal cramping and felt a bit dizzy once or twice of late, but no blood? Is it even possible that I could consider being pregnant?? Please let me know what you think??


Maybebabyrivera - February 10

Hi I'm going through the same thing. No period but mild cramping. Had hysteroscopy in October had tubes blocked and on clomyd. 2 days late no sign of AF just mild cramps. Usually my cramps are very bad. Now I hardly have any and no spotting. I usually spot cycle day 28 and 29 and AF starts by day 30 or 31. Did AF ever come for u?


Taytem - February 11

Hi No i am on day 31 still mild cramps (usually mine are very heavy) no spotting no sign of AF!! Today I am experiencing nausea and very hungry! My husband has a zero sperm count, but we tested him over 1 year ago, and I have been faithful so I don't understand why AF would not come!!! Took a mid stream test showed negative??? I am so confused!!! Think my specialist wants to give me something to bring on AF!!


Taytem - February 12

AF arrived yesterday - so normal treatment continues!!!


Taytem - February 13

I am currently on day 3, started Estrofem 2mg twice a day, and from day 4-9 i'll be taking Estrofem as well as Clomid (50mg) and then on day 7,9,11 i'll inject with Gonal-F. and on day 12 will go see specialist and see what is happening, hopefully we will then administer IUI.
Holding thumbs!!!!


Taytem - February 26

Went for IUI again went on CD 14 and 15, now on day 16 - experienced mild cramping on day 14 and 15. I bit better today though! This time I feel different I am calmer and not stressed or worried at all? Very weird will wait until i can test and keep everyone updated!!! Hold thumbs!!


Taytem - February 28

On day 18 of cycle, waiting patiently, cramping has mostly gone now. If the IUI worked this time, implementation should be happening day 20-24 that would mean Saturday Sunday and or Monday, will be sure to see if I can feel anything. Waiting for 2 weeks is always so hard for me. I do feel a bit nauseous but that could also be from all the medication my specialist has me on. Pray, pray pray!!! Ask, believe, receive.


Maybebabyrivera - February 28

Hi we'll last cycle was a bust.. I seriously thought I was pregnant this time! I was 4 days late and AF finally came and I was so bummed. This cycle I'm at day 15 and I can literally feel I am ovulating. I have pain on my right ovary kind if feels like uti pain but I now know its my body releasing an egg! Crazy right!! Has anyone else experienced this? Another crazy symptom my thyroids got swollen and were painful for 5 days just went in for blood work but I read online that Clomid can cause similar symptoms? Does anyone have any feedback on this? Could really use some support? Thank you!


Maybebabyrivera - February 28

Oh and baby dust to you Taytem!!!


Taytem - March 8

Thank you Maybebabyrivera!! My Glands also felt swollen and funny this cycle, I think it must be from Clomid. It's very possible that you can feel ovulation happening. I must say for me on clomid I felt a whole lot more than I ever did with any other cycle!! I am still waiting on CD28 stupidly took a pregnancy test it was a BFN!! so I am slightly sad but hope that maybe I took test too early being CD27 - I have to wait till Monday to go for blood work, to see what the outcome!! My breasts do feel bigger and are almost swollen! Last night I stood up to go to bathroom and felt very ill!! so please hold thumbs!!!! Baby dust to you Maybebabyrivera!!


Maybebabyrivera - March 9

So today is cycle day 24 results came back and turns out my thyroid is abnormal which can affect my ovulation.. I think we caught it early enough though bcuz with clomid I'm ovulating like clockwork. I also got my blood test results for my 21 day progesterone test and dr was happy to report me at a high of 16.35 he wished me good luck and he's hoping this one sticks. Normal symptoms elevated bbt, sore boobs but that's about it. Will have to wait out the 2ww and hope for a BFP! Thanks for the baby dust Taytem!


Taytem - March 11

Hi I got a BFP!!!!!! Went for blood tests today waiting for final result but yes the baby dust works!! I'm holding thumbs and toes and everything for everyone else trying as hard as I have!!! Never give up!!!! Baby dust to all!


Maybebabyrivera - March 11

Hi Taytem that is great news!!!!! It makes me feel good that I sent baby dust your way!! ? You give me hope and strength! I am at 11dpo and I started getting mild cramps at 7dpo which is unusual for me to have them so early. I am not due for AF until at least 1 week and I've already had cramps for 1 week. I've read that it could be implantation cramps but like always I don't like to get my hopes up. I am also sure tired yesterday I took a 3 hour nap and just nearly made it to the bed. I'm thinking it could be the thyroid too that is why I don't get too excited. Now I just have to waiy. I am temping and they continue to be elevated and if I don't see a drop then it could be a good sign! Keep your FX for me!


Taytem - March 12

That sounds to me like baby dust is working for you too!!! i know what you mean when you say you don't want to get your hopes up I was also scared. My first urine test I did was BFN (it was too early) so all hope was lost then on CD30 I did another test and it was very very light, on CD 31 it was a bit darker, on CD 32 blood tests confirmed. So dont be scared to be hopeful - and always say thank you there is so much power in those two words I said thank you from day one and it worked, so always say thank that I am pregnant, thank you really helps!!!



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