Clomid, HSG trigger, and IUI
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shlavaty - January 20

Hello Ladies,

My DH and I got pregnant with our baby boy back in 2008 using just Metformin. I have PCOS and we got SUPER lucky on the Metformin, as it hasn't worked at all this time around. I went off the BCP back in May 2010 and started seeing my RE again a few months ago. I am still on the Metformin, but this month I am taking Clomid CD3-7. Luckily, I have had no side effects, which I am very grateful for! Anyways, I go in this Sunday for a CD11 ultrasound....does this seem early? I very rarely ovulate on my cycles would be anywhere from 33-60 days and if I ovulated it was always after CD20. Did anyone else out there have big enough follicles (over 18mm) by CD11?


shlavaty - January 20

Sorry, I should add that on Sunday the RE says if I have 2-3 follicles that are between 18-20mm they will move forward with the HCG trigger (which I will give myself that evening) and then IUI on Tuesday. I am trying not to get my hopes up since I know that the follicles may not be ready! I should also mention I have no blockages (as noted on the HSG)and my DH has not issues with his s/a.


massrn - January 23

My treatment is Clomid, trigger and IUI, no metformin. We always do an ultrasound on day #12 and my follicles are always good size. I trigger that night and have the IUI on day #14. I always have a risk of triplets or quads according to my follicles sizes but have had no luck so far! I'll find out in a week if it worked this time (this is IUI #3).
Good luck with you and your ultrasound tomorrow!


shlavaty - January 23

Hello massrn!

Thanks for sharing your experience with me; it is always nice to hear similar stories!!!! If you don't mind me asking, how many follicles have you been getting in your other cycles? You must get a lot if you are at risk of getting triplets! How big are your follicles on CD12 normally? What days do you take Clomid? I go in the morning and am crossing my fingers! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!! I hope this week flies by; I know this two week wait is tough. Here's to good news!!!!


massrn - January 23

Hi Shlavaty
I write it down each month other wise Id forget. The first cycle my 4 largest follicle sizes were: 16,16,23,24; Next: 12,16,19,20. This round: 16.5,19,24,29. The first cycle I took 50mg Clomid day 3-7; next 2 rounds took 25mg of Clomid day 3-7. I usually have a short cycle, about 25 days but taking the clomid has given me a 28 day cycle. The 2WW is torture. Im so scared, ha! Best of luck to you today! Let me know how it goes!!!


shlavaty - January 23


You weren't kidding! It doesn't take much to stimulate your follicles, does it? hehe. I am really hoping this is your cycle!!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!! I have PCOS and my periods normally ranged from 33 days, all the way to 100 days depending. I have gone for months without ovulating, if at all for almost a year. Luckily my body has been responsive to the meds!

Here's to good news for both of us! :)


shlavaty - January 23

Woops! Somehow half of my post got deleted! :) I had two dominant follicles---one on each side. One was 16.9mm and the other was 13.1mm. I wish the 13.1mm was a little bigger, but all we need is one, right? Tomorrow I go back for a CD12 ultrasound to see if the 16.9mm follicle is over the 18 mark, which is should be. If it is, I will trigger tomorrow and go through the IUI on Wed.! VERY EXCITED about the possibility!!!!


Cynthia22 - January 27

Hello Ladies Ive been following everyones journey to mommyhood on here and Ive finally decided to join in! Ive been TTC for 2 years now. Ive been trying to get started on treatments but a cyst on my right ovary would not go away. After going in every month for an ultrasound and trying B/C pills to shrink it, the damn cyst didnt budge. I just had the cyst removed in December.
I finally got started on clomid last week. I go in friday for an ultrasound to see if i have any follicles ready and if i do then trigger shot friday night and IUI on sat or sunday. Is anyone else having an IUI around the same time?


shlavaty - January 30

Hey Cynthia22!
What did you end up doing? Did you trigger Friday night and have the IUI on Sunday? Let us know! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! How many follicles did you end up having? I started with two that were a decent size, but one sort of took over and became the dominant one. I am not too worried because I know plenty of women who got pregnant with just one! After all, that is what usually happens NATURALLY anyways! haha.

We did our trigger last Tuesday. OF COURSE, we had a snow storm on Wed. night, so getting to our Thursday IUI was a bit of an ordeal...not to mention, our power went out too!!!! My poor husband had to get me a sample in our house that was 49 degrees AND our two year old didn't sleep the entire night so he was crying in the background. It was pretty much a TV show....haha.

We are in the 2ww as well and the days are going by slowly!!! Let me know if you are also in the 2ww! We can support eachother! hehe. FINGERS CROSSED!



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