IUI success stories???
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hollytx - July 1

I am going to have an ultrasound on Monday to determine when I can have my IUI I am new to this and have been married for 12 years and I praying that this will work. Any encouraging words?


Twomama - July 12

How are things going for you?


Twomama - July 12

How are things going for you?


Maycee02 - July 17

I just had my first IUI and I am currently 8dpiui... 2WW is is awful.. we've been ttc for 2 1/2 years... would also love to hear sucess stories!


shagufta - August 28

Hi , i m new to this forum. i m on puregon 300iu with IUI. does anyone had any succes


elizabethtimberlake - November 20

You've made the right decision by going through this procedure. Medically IUI is very much successful procedure for women. It increases the probability of you to get pregnant. just try to keep yourself calm during the process because freaking out is not the solution. It is going to be a successful thing for you.


sophie jenner - November 21

Great thread. Sorry I couldn't join the convo at the right time. I have my IVF (first) this coming weekend. Most probably Sunday. How are you guys doing? How was your IVF-journey? Mind sharing your experience, please?


wellspringivf - June 26

You have taken good decision of taking IUI treatment, this treatment is less complicated and cheaper than IVF treatment. If this IUI treatment didn't work you can try for IVF process for successful result.


hailbrown - August 29

Hi! That is good to hear. I really hope all goes well. You deserve the happiness of a child. IUI is a good process and I think you'll find a success very soon. Keep us updated along the way! Good luck!


jenn123 - August 29

Hello! That sounds nice to hear. I truly trust all goes well. You deserve all the satisfaction. IUI is a decent procedure and I think you'll discover a win soon. Keep us refreshed en route! Good fortunes!


37jsdhf - April 26

How did it go?
I am hoping for the best.
I had one iui as well. But it did not go well. all due to my unexplained infertility. somehow my body cannot carry a baby to the full term. and this is why we have turned to surrogacy de.
Good luck!



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