The Ticking Clock

Once you hit thirty your biological clock may start to kick in. You find yourself looking at every date as a potential father for your child, rather than as a person in his own right. This usually sends a man running a hundred miles in the opposite direction, leaving you further away from your goal than ever. You are right to be worried. After 30, women's fertility starts to drop year by year. One in five women over the age of 35 take over a year to get pregnant. By the time you get to 40, you only have a 5% chance of getting pregnant naturally. So what can you do if you are still single and want a baby?

Actively Seek A Marriage Partner

Instead of just dating for the sake of dating with the hope that you meet 'Mr Right', join a marriage agency or online site that seeks to find marriage partners for their members. This is a completely different way of dating. First of all, you both know you are looking to get married and have children, so hopefully you cut out all the time wasters. Then you can evaluate each potential partner for their ability to be a good partner and father, not for their sex appeal or 'fun' qualities - that comes later. After all you want someone who is prepared to get up in the middle of the night to feed a crying baby, not someone who wants to party till dawn. Just take proper precautions before your first date and even have the person checked out before agreeing to marriage, to avoid any unpleasant surprises. More and more people are meeting their life partner online, so why shouldn't you?

Going It Alone

Many older single women decide that they don't have time to waste and rather than continue going out with 'no-hopers' or the 'commitment phobic' they decide to have a baby alone. If you don't want to throw caution to the wind by trying to get pregnant with a complete stranger that you will never see again, which some women do, what's your next move?

Some women ask a male friend to help out, and self-inseminate at home using a turkey baster, but this can cause problems later if one of you wants him to be more involved with your child. One way out is for you to both sign a legal agreement detailing your arrangement including your male friend's financial and other responsibilities, if any, as well as any access arrangements.

To avoid these complications many single women order donor sperm online. You can choose your child's prospective father from a catalogue of traits and have the vial delivered express to your door. If you don't need fertility treatment, this can be the cheapest way to go, especially if you are prepared to do it without a doctor's assistance.

Fertility Treatment

Many fertility clinics now help single women, whether they are single and living alone or in a lesbian relationship, to get pregnant. Whether you need artificial insemination, IVF or other assisted conception techniques, you should be able to find a fertility clinic to help you. And you won't be alone in your decision. According to British research by City University, two-thirds of (single) women who resorted to donor insemination did so because they felt they had no other choice open to them. However, you may find that, as a single woman, your health insurance plan doesn't cover fertility treatment.


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