HSG testing
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shaybutta - July 16

im going for my HSG testing on monday and my fiance is so determined and anxious to have a baby so im wondering what are my chances of conceiving soon after the test....or will it be a few months wait....who can help?? or what can the doctor suggest to help boost my chances of conceiving?? thanks in advance


Josie12 - July 22

I had my HSG test a month ago and still no sign :-( however each person diff. Some people take a few weeks or a month it just depends. Im due to see my Dr in early August for a follow up to chat about the next stages but seems so far away. I am going to suggest clomid which increases your chances of concieving however there are side effects to it, which from what ive heard is not great. Good luck with it and fingers crossed for you. x


brownangelbear - June 11

I have my HSG test scheduled for this Friday, I am very concerned and nervous that it will be painful. My doctor has told me she requires this test before she will start me on femura, so I will do it. please share any experiences with this test. Thanks in advance.


mkmothobi - September 28

m also going for hsg on friday,s t painful?


brownangelbear - September 28

I will be honest, my HSG was incredibly painful. Although, I would note that I do no tolerate pain well. I took 1000 mg of Ibuprofen before the procedure which made no difference. As the procedure goes, no matter how much info I read on sites,when you are actually there, the experience is different. For me, when the catheter was placed in my certix the pain bad. I wish there was some way to numb the cervix but there is not. After that, the only thing you feel is the dye pushing through your tubes, which feels like you have gas in your stomach. You feel a cooling sensation as the dye moves. After the procedure, I bled for two months straight. I have been told by my doctor that some bleeding is normal, and that the duration I bled was not typical. It has been three months and I have still had no luck concieving. I am hopeful though since I have read other articles on here that have indicated a future possiblility. This test falls under the category of necessary but not liked procedure us women have to go through. I wish you well.



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