Has anyone gotten pregnant soon after an HSG?
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kokolima79 - May 15

Hi there ^__^
My hubby and I have been ttc for God knows how long.
I had an early miscarriage 6 years ago and never been pregnant again.
We are now FINALLY done with all the fertility testing and, even though we haven't officially discussed all the results with our doc, it looks like everything is normal: his sperm, my uterus lining, my ovarian reserve, my tubes...etc.
Speaking about tubes, I had my last test done yesterday, the HSG.
The radiologist said everything looked ok, just the left tube was not as open as it dhould be, but when he put a little pressure while injecting the dye it finally opened all the way.
So, my qyestion is - I've heard all kind of stories about it but real testimonials would be nice - is it true that an HSG increase your chances of getting pregnant?
Has anyone gotten pregnant soon after the test?

***Funny Feelings
Up until last month I have been driving myself insane with the whole not being able to get pregnant, but suddenly a couple of weeks ago I just started having this strong feeling in my stomach that IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

I can't wait to hear from you girls!
Lots of baby dust to those who like me are wishing, hoping and praying for a BFP by the end of the year ^____^


TTCtpe - May 15

hi i have been ttc for 6 years now and my first step was the hsg test for me i took had the xray n may 5th, i have the same feeling in my stomach to that its gonna happen for me, my test were good my tubes were open, i just hope all i needed was the hsg to flush my tubes, this month could be the month im praying.... soon i pray and hope i can say baby dust to allllll, keep me posted koko


falsealarm - May 18

Ttctpe, how did your HSG go I have one on Friday and I am really nervous. Are there any tips either of you can provide to me? So far I know to take some pain medication prior to going in for my appointment.


TTCtpe - May 19

hi falsealarm, my hsg went good my tubes were open and just fine, its not as painful i didnt take any meds before i went buts its kinda like a 1 minute period cramp not bad at all you'll be ok :),just breathe thats the best tip i can give u, im praying for a bfp this month this forum really takes the stress away from me knowing im the only 1 ttc 4ever lol but ill wish u luck girly


muchmuk - June 21

My prolectine is high it was 33 in 2009 but now its 72 i m taking parlodal but egg size at 12th day was 11-12 only wat shoud i do now my doctor is also giving me injection for egg size and prolifen and prolygoton for menses regularity any one give me suggessions its third year of marriege no preg. Could i conceive???????????? help plz


XYZABC - March 28

Hii gurlzzz..
v have bn trying 4 abt nd yr,, bt of no use...An HSG has worked out for me.. i had read many stories abt geting pregnant within 3 months of test.. I got my tets done on 28 jan 2011.. i got my periods on 20th of feb.. i was a lot depressed... by the very next month i was more relaxed nd tension free.. i had left evrythng in destiny,,,bt it did clicked.. its 28th march 2011 nd i m abt 10 days up.. i m expecting... so a HSG does work... just b positive nd kip trying...



Sandrasmart - April 11

Hi ladies
Me and my hubby had been ttc for over a year. Win him in the military and sometimes always being gone it was difficult. We decided to try an infertility specialist. All of my tests were ok the next step was the HSG. I had it done March 03,2011 and yesterday April 09,2011 i took a pregnancy test (3) and came out positive. I couldn't believe it! I had to go to my clinic to be sure and yes! It was positive. I'm still in shock that it happened so fast. Good luck to you all.


shaddia224 - March 23

I just had my hag done today and with get relief found out both tubes are clear. Last October I found out I have pcos I was put on birth control for two months and metformin after the two months my doctor. Put me on 50 mg of clomid I ovulated twice but not pregnant yet I'm only 22 and my mom had premature ovarian failure


wishful thinking paige - August 30

Hi all,

I had a HSG done last thursday, im in the same boat as most of you. I get really upset when my period comes. I get depressed, because it feels like no matta how hard we try it just doesnt work.
Iv had all the tests done now and everything is fine.
I feel loads better after joining these forums, and speaking to others about there experience. But ill keep updated on how i go on the next 3 months.
Before i left the hospital, the doctor said to me that its meant to make me 30% more fertile now iv had a hsg but only for 3 months?

Any one else get told this?


cary19 - December 12

Hi,im new to this website and it feels gud to see girls sharing their problems and hopefully i can share mine too and get results.My hubby and I are ttc for few months now.I have irrregular periods and polycyst diagnosed a yr back and was not treated.Periods were regular after marriage so i dint bother to get it treated.But now i havnt got a period for 2 months,had brown discharge then did blood work to find high prolactin level (58),lh(9.38),fsh(2.28).Did a home preg test and it was negative.Yet to do a scan tmrw.im scared.pls help.


Bethtastic - January 2

Just had an HSG today, first fertility test, all looks good. Doc said i'll be more fertile the next couple of months. Hoping it works. I'm 37.


hope1824 - January 24

Hi Bethtastic,
I had the HSG done on Dec 11, 2012. I am glad to hear that all looks good on yours...mine was ok too. I am only 30 but have been TTC for over 2 years. My hubby is 38 so we are hoping 2013 will be our year.
Do you mind if I ask what is next step for you after the HSG. Have you tried Clomid or any other fertility drugs/shots?
Best of luck to you!


Surprisemommy - July 16

Don't stop believing!! Here's my story... I'm currently 31 years old with PCOS and had been trying so hard to conceive since 2011. I had the HSG done in August of 2013 and I was told that both tubes were blocked but to not worry because I could try ivf. I met with an ivf specialist and was told to bring my BMI down which would mean losing about 45 lbs before even attempting egg retrieval. So I told myself that I would take at least a year to save up because it's not cheap and I would try to lose the weight beginning 1/1/2014. It was August 2014 and I only lost 15lbs. I gave up and I would start again next year. My husband was always working and I became a bit emotional. On 12/10/14 I got up from bed and I almost fell as I tried to get up to go to the bathroom. I went to urgent care the following day... The doctor said I was pregnant! I didn't believe her and I bought a test on the way home. Went to the gyno on 12/12/14... Oh yeah I was pregnant... I was 5 months! The baby was born in April of this year. So you see... Just take care of yourself, don't lose hope. Keep believing! Sending baby prayers your way!


saurab015 - July 14

I became a Mother for the first time last year after HSG testing. After years(4 to be exact) of trying to get pregnant I finally went to a fertility clinic named biotexcom in kiev, ukraine and a HSG test performed and I was pregnant within three weeks after the test.


Mom2017 - August 5

Saurab015 I also have done my HSG test on 14 July but I have very irregular periods that's why I'm not sure about pregnancy .did u get symptoms ? I have extemly pain in my left side .



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