Test Costs

The cost of fertility tests and, of course, fertility treatment, is a major cause of concern for couples suffering from reduced fertility. The good news about testing is that it's very unlikely to cost as much as the treatment itself - and that tests may show that you don't need to proceed with treatment, at least not right away. You have to be trying to get pregnant for a year without success before most fertility clinics will consider you for treatment (unless you already know of an underlying reason why you may not be getting pregnant).

Male Test Costs

Generally speaking, there are fewer tests for male infertility than for female infertility. Some are relatively simple, for example, a semen analysis to check sperm count, or a blood test, and may not cost as much as say, a testicular ultrasound exam.

Female Test Costs

There are so many tests for female infertility, and prices vary accordingly. A fertility specialist is likely to test first for some of the most common causes of female infertility or miscarriage (for example, PCOS and poor thyroid function) before moving on to more rarely used - and possibly more expensive - tests for less common infertility causes. Female fertility tests include blood tests to check hormone levels, and ultrasound exams of the reproductive organs.

Fertility Test Insurance

Fertility insurance is available from a number of providers in the United States. Not all couples, however, will qualify for coverage. It's important when you change job or insurance provider to remember to check the small print, to see whether or not fertility testing and treatment is included. Sometimes people don't think of this because at the time they first purchase their insurance they aren't trying to get pregnant - therefore they realize that they have an insurance problem only much later on.

Budgeting And Shopping Around

Whether or not your insurance covers the fertility tests you need, there are steps you can take to budget for fertility testing. There are also private clinics which charge lower prices for fertility tests. It's important to request brochures from several clinics and use them to do a price comparison. For example, some clinics provide fertility test "bundles," meaning that if you buy a certain group of tests all at once (some of which you may or may not need - that's the risk) you pay a lower price than you would if the tests were purchased separately.

The Mental Cost

The financial strain imposed on many couples by fertility testing (and treatment) takes its toll on their emotional health too. That's why, on these pages, you'll find not only practical information about fertility testing expenses, but also some tips and coping mechanisms to help you deal with what may be a financial burden.

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