Just Plum TTC April10!!!!
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Shal - August 10

Pam??? WTF??? i was just speaking to you yesterday, what's happened hun?


wantanotheraftertr - August 13

Ok I know I said I ws not posting anymore. However I just passed everything and was given the most amazing gift ever.... I missed the toilet when I was getting ready to pass it and it hit the floor any way I seen a still intact bag of water with my baby still inside. I still can not believe it I actually got to hold my baby! still so very small but I could see which end was his head and a very small spot of what looked like blood which I assume was the heart! Of couse I could not flush this little person down the toilet everything else went but I got a recieving blanket and cut it to line the inside of a ring box and a small blanket to wap him in and sealed it up with packaging tape and will be taking it to the cemetery later today and burring him where my grandma and grandpa are burried with a plant on top so I will have a final place for my sweet baby which I need to pick a name for I hope this was not to much info for you all but I feel ever so blessed to have actually had the chance to hold this baby and see him I just had to share Its an amazingly healing moment in my life! Jodi I thought thats what happened to emilylulu too LOL Shal I got to tell you what happened so I wont post here anyway hope you all are well! know I am now!


jodi-ttc-08 - August 17

i keep posting and this stupid site deletes everything telling me no emails or links allowed..... i didnt put any on.. arggggg .. ANGER.


jodi-ttc-08 - August 17

we are all on f book so will catch you there.. bugger this new site. it pisses me off.. cd 14 here.. half way mark.


jodi-ttc-08 - August 22

cd 20 today.. i had the most awful pain on cd 16 and 17 and bd accordingly..that was painful too... i hope i dont end up like jon and kate plus 8... coz it was bad for 2 days...hehehe..


jayton - August 23

hi everyone stopping in to say hi, im not a regular cause the disappointment really gets to me but mayb some of u may remember me. well cd 32 for me and i thought i was pg this cycle but , i checked my temp yesterday and it was 37.5 and today its 37.1, so im just waiting for af now my boobs were kinda sore but not anything extra.


Shal - August 23

Helloooo, cant stay long but thought i'd just pop in and say Hi and check everyones ok. I want to see some BFP's. Good Luck to you all be back soon, i just wanted you to know i'm still here for you all xxxx


jodi-ttc-08 - August 24

is it normal to get a dip at 4dpo ???? i got a huge dip, like a massive dive.. in my temp chart.. i am now 6dpo...


jodi-ttc-08 - September 2

goodmorning girls... i am now cd 31..i am not sure how many dpo as i cant really tell when o was... but this morning i got 3 very very faint + so i went and bought a first response, and got a zip nadda nothing... will try again tomorrow.... after the m/c and d/c it took 7 weeks to get my period.. should this cycle be longer as well ????? or back to normal ?? its doing my brain in... hope everyone is well... miss you all xxx


Toscana - September 3

hey ladies I hope u don't mind if I join ur thread as the one I was on (TTC in 2010) is pretty much dead. I'm on cd 11 and I just ordered me some opks so I'm finally going to start getting things going a little more serious again. as recently we've just been doin our own thing and still hoping it will happen. I'm also going to order fertilaid for dh and I again, and I'm hoping if I take it long enough this time it will work for us! =)


wantanotheraftertr - September 8

well all I just wanted to tell you that tomorrow at 1:00 pm I will be getting the essure procedure done. no more babies at all for me I just can not handle another loss! 3 in a row is enough and I have my beautiful Joe from my tr. will keep up with you all on facebook though and good luck to all who are looking for their little miracle I am so blessed to have had one more blessing in my life and to have shared so much with you all. And still look forward to our disney trip sometime in the future. our just plum trip LOL Love you all will update on facebook


rom - September 8

No!!!!!!! Pam don't do it! My heart sank when I read your post. If it's God's will you have no more children than so be it. Let go of your loss, just stop ttc. Don't destroy your tubes and that is what the procedure does it destroys them by scarring severely. That procedure has caused many problems and pain for others. Why do that? Why? Because you can't control what has happened? We are not supposed to be able to control everything, hun. I know you are sad, I know it's hard but I just don't believe harming your body is the answer. There are ways to prevent pregancy naturally too like NFP, or fertility awareness. Pam, I really care about you and you have to do what you feel but I couldn't help not telling you how I felt. What I felt in my soul when I read your post. Just let go and let God, Pam, that's what I say.



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