PCOS and miscarriage??????
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HW - June 3

I have PCOS and just had a missed m/c almost 3 weeks ago with D&C. Since a lot of you have PC as well I wanted to get some advice...I was wondering if anyone here with PCOS has had a m/c then gone on to have normal pregnancies. Also, I wanted to know how far along did the m/c happen? I was wondering what you doc did differently when you got pg the next time? And...lastly how long did you wait to ttc after m/c? Since I have the PCOS working against us I was wanting to try right away. I know it is a lot of questions....but I'm sure you all know how that goes. Just let me know if you have any info you could share with me. Thank you so much =)


Stacey - June 3

I had a missed m/c as well, at 8 weeks. However, I am just getting tested for PCOS. I got pregnant very quickly after getting off of the pill, so didn't realize anything. I am very curious to see if there is a connection.


HW - June 4

If you don't mind, please let me know what happens and what you doctor says. If you have any questions for me I could try to help....good luck to you.


HW - June 5

If anyone else has information PLEASE PLEASE let me know! Thanks


stacey - June 6

thanks, I'll let you know Friday what they say..(if I have it or not)


Nadine - June 6

I fell pg last year April and m/c at 5 mnths in Sept 04, i have been trying to get pg ever since and to no avail.
In April of this year i went to the docs and he prescribed metformin.
I hadn;t had a period since Jan, i took the meds and got a period last mnth i have ovulated and am now waiting to take test.
I really want to do it now but not sure if it is too early as period is due 14th June.
I hope this has answeres your questions anything else i can help with just ask


Drew - June 7

I was put on Metformin for insulin resistant pcos in the begining of May. And though this wasn't our month, we are trying again. I wondered if Metformin could help prevent mc, so I looked it up on the net. Alot of the pages I seen supported the fact that it could help prevent mc. I then called my gyn and asked him if I did happen to get pg, should I stay on the Metformin to ensure I stayed pg. He said yes, I should stay on it to keep my insulin in check, if your insulin level bounces around too much it can be toxic to the fetus. Maybe you should talk to your doc and see if maybe this could help in your situation. All the best!


kristina - June 10

i too have pcos and i had a miscarriage at 5 weeks when i was 18. 5 months later i got pregnant again...(w/out any kind of drugs) and had a healthy baby boy...he will be four in october. in november 2004 i had another miscarriage at 6 weeks and had a d&c. now i just finished my first dose of clomid and am ttc again...good luck to yo.


Margo - June 11

Glucophage has been a miracle drug for me. You might want to talk about it with your obgyn....


Margo - June 11

Just got a bfp positive this morning after one month of ttc on glucophage (metmorfin). I tell you, this is a miracle drug.


For HW - June 12

hello. My name is Kim. I have PCOS and i had a M/C at 12 and 1/2 wks. I had a D&C. I was put on glucaphage and prometrium while i was pregnant. Finding out i miscarried was extremely difficult and deciding to try again was even more difficult because i didnt want to experience the heartache again. I know that lots of women that m/c go on to have a healthy pregnancy. My best friend has PCOS and m/c 2 times, now she is pregnant with twins. I am on clomid and glucaphage now and i am hoping for the best. Please dont hesitate to write me if u want to vent or just chat. [email protected] goodluck and dont worry. just relax and enjoy your experiences.


To HW - June 12

I have PCOS. After about a year of trying without luck to get pregnant, my doctor put me on Metformin. I conceived the second month on the med but miscarried at 8 wks due to a slow heart beat. To my astonishment, I became pregnant again before my first cycle after the mc. I continued the metformin and stopped at 12 wks at the recommendation of my OB. I am now 15 wks pregnant and everything is going great! Keep up the faith! Metformin is a great drug for PCOS. I also took progesterone suppositores for the first 12 wks and I have been taking baby asprin daily to prevent any clotting issues since I miscarried last time. Good Luck to you!!!! N


peacesarah - July 10

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