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wishful thinker - November 6

If I ovulate most of the time on my own but have polycystic ovary disease, have been put on glucophage and took chlomid this cycle. Do I have a good chance of getting pregnant? I really want t a baby and I don't know if the symptoms I'm feeling are from the chlomid or if I could possibly be pregnant. I have had headaches. I've been cramping since day 13 but my fertility monitor just showed me at my peak yesterday and today. Can you conceive before your fertility monitor says you're at your peak? Just curious.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 9

I am pretty sure that "we" conceived before I ws actually ovulating...those spermy guys can live for up to 5 days waiting for your ege to be released assuming they went the right way... and I only ovulate from the left side so it must have worked for me... I was not on anything to help us conceive.. just good timing... LOL


NO... - November 12

The pre-ovulation cramping is a normal indication of your body getting ready to ovulate. your fertility monitor is accurate in indicating your peak. The sperm can live in you for a couple of days which is why they say it best to actually start trying BEFORE you ovulate so when you do the sperm has already made its way up.


Crystal - November 13

My husband and I went just through the exact same thing! The Clomid worked for us on the first cycle, but it does take some people more than one cycle, so don't get discouraged. We did not use a monitor, but just followed the instuctions of intercourse evey other day. Yes, this could also be due to the fact that sperm can live inside a woman's body for somewhere between 3-5 days ( I think). So good luck and try to stay as stress-free as possible! Also, if you fell pregnant, but your first test says negative, wait a week and try again. Sometimes it's just too early to tell. That's what happened to us. Best of Luck!!!!!!!



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