unprescribed clomid
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kerami3 - February 25

mz mom gud luck pls let us know how u get on ,those other forum are full of those people on high horse take no notice i have seen so much venom on some of them

stay blessed


LuvBabies - February 25

mzmom - glad it's all going well and no side effects, it was only afterwards that i realised I should have taken it at night too and that might have helped me skip any unpleasant effects also (ah well, you live and learn). Anyway, try not to get upset over the other ladies, everyone has their own story and reasons for doing/taking clomid. I am sure it's a heartache not being able to conceive or never having had a child and always wanting one, I couldn't even begin to imagine what that is like and am blessed that it has never happened to me but they have no right to have a go at you when they don't know your full story and who you are. It's their emotions and they will get over it. Do what you have to do. Please keep us updated on how you're getting on, hoping everything works out really well for you. xxx


LuvBabies - February 25

Hi kerami3 - I can't for the life of me remember what the name of the site was where I got the clomid, it was one of those spam emails that I got. The brand I do remember, it was called Ferticlo and I think if you do a search for that a website will come up where you can order that brand. I took 50mg on days 5 thru 9. I've heard if you take it on those days the chances of the egg or eggs being stronger are better but not sure how true that is. The other thing I heard is that if you take it on days 2 thru 6 or 3 thru 7 then you will produce more eggs but not as strong, then again, not sure if that's true either. Anyway the Ferticlo worked first time for me and I had some spare and passed it along to a friend and it worked first time for her too so that might be a good sign. I really hope you get what you're looking for, take care and chat again soon.


mzmom - February 25

LuvBabies - thanks, dont know why they felt the need to attack. But anywhoo, Im done with that one.

I am going to start testing more than likely tomorrrow. I know my tracking on mymonthlycycles said I am to ovulate on Wed. I am going to test 2 times daily until I get my positive. I think when we go in for the apt on Monday we will probably just schedule the IUI on Wed. That way they can give me the HCG shot and I will do that on Tues. Well only if I get a postive on Tuesday, if not wait on the shot until I get the positive. Thanks for the support.


mzmom - March 3

hello ladies, not feeling to well here. Had an apt with our docotor on Monday. Did not get the good news that we were hoping to hear. Come to find out I had 2 what we thought to be follicles, on the small side, but still 2. Doc did a measurment and he thinks they are cyst. =( Not good. I have been doing ovulation test and I thought that I was going to ovulate on today, based on the tracking of my periods and ovulation and fertility on a different site. But I have been doing the test since Sunday and have not gotten a postitive yet. Did have one test where I did see 2 lines, one very faint, but oh well. Yes, Im down, but our doctor said we will just go ahead with my next cycle. So I will be going in on day 2,3 or 4 of my next cycle for a baseline sono and he will be giving me clomid then day 12,13 or 14 another sono, if my follicles look good then HCG shot that day and IUI the day following. I hope all goes well.


mamamaybe16 - March 16

Hey Y'all! I'm from Texas, married, and have been TTC for 2 years. I just ordered Clomid online, and should be getting it in the mail soon. I am very excited. It's really good to know I'm not alone:)


wantababysobad - May 21

hey all i missed you all so much how is everyone doind
Luvbabies ,manfa and all you other ladies i know i have been mic i havent gotten my bfp yet but i knowi will clomid did nothing for me am thinking about doing an hsg and then going back on clomid i want a baby so bad .


wantababysobad - May 21

Hey yazz22 manfa luvbabies hsg123 hope i didnt leave anyone out i miss u all so much sorry i wasnt online much had major job changes but am settle now and i cant seem to get a hold of you guys i miss you all so much


Ysant2003 - May 30

Hi ladies I need help I also took clomid not prescribed by a dr! But an urologist put dh on it!
Please any input I can't stop thinking about this!!!!!!!! Last month i did 100mg of clomid from cd5-9 My cycle started on 4/27 and my opk said I ov on my cd11 which was 5/8 so far no af I am pretty reg. I may be one day late but never this much it is has 34 days since my cd1 I spotted on cd 27 there is no sign of af it was very dark brown spotting never got pink. on sat I did 3 pg test all where negative. I will have blood work done tomm but I am very hopeful what do you all think? Could be gone bcs of clomid? Could I still be I am afraid to do another hpt!!!!!!!!! Please


saira786 - October 29

Hey congrads to all of you :) i have a 3 year old and now me an my hubby r trying to get pregnent.. this will be our last because i only have one kidny so i cant get pregnent any more afterwards just for my safety..so iv been doing alot of research and i really want to take clomid.. do u guys no wen i should take it like how many days after my period starts? and how much so that i might have a gud chance of getting preggo with twins??

thanks and best regaurds to all of u mommies out there:)


saira786 - October 29

Hey congrads to all of you :)

i have a 3 year old and now me an my hubby r trying to get pregnent.. this will be our last because i only have one kidny so i cant get pregnent any more afterwards just for my safety..so iv been doing alot of research and i really want to take clomid.. do u guys no wen i should take it like how many days after my period starts? and how much so that i might have a gud chance of getting preggo with twins??

thanks and best regaurds to all of u mommies out there:)


Pray4miracle84 - January 5

Hi people. Me and my husband have been trying to concieve about 2 years now, i have a 7 year old daughter to a previous r.ship, he has no children as of yet. I have ordered u/p clomid online and ccant wait o start using it, still waiting for it, fertility doc wudnt give us it coz of my bmi which is 34 and it has to be 30 :/ i am losing abit of weight but so impatient, i will try anything to get my bfp im sick of bfn already. Is anyone in the same boat?!


vanamancr - September 25

I recently took the plunge and got myself some unprescribed 100mg clomid. After TTC for roughly on and off 2 or so years (mostly cause I get frustrated and give up here and there for awhile ). Anyway, my periods usually last about 3 to 4 days, cycles varying around 35-48ish? It's a little rough but nice since a year ago I couldn't pinpoint any time that I may or may not have my period. Well last month is when I began clomid Aug. 29 for cycle days 3-7, it seemed to go well. I got about the hot flashes and that was really the only side effect I felt, perhaps since I took them at night. Anyway, me and my husband certainly gave pretty much every other day a go but ovulation tracker came and I tried to keep it myself and couldn't seem to find a time that my CM was where I wanted it... Anyway, lol. Now the strangest thing I've had with all this so far, is that when a little after my peak of supposed ovulation I seemed to have gotten AF. I only assume it was the regular thing as I got bad lower back pain, break out, eat like a pig before hand and then the first two days of it I don't want to eat much at all. All my usual AF signs, haha. However, that also means that this cycle only lasted about 27 days, very short compared to usual! Well tonight is the 3rd day so I'm gonna start taking clomid again for my second round anyway. Wish me luck and baby dust to all you! I'll try and keep here updated to tell you what happens~!


MELISSAgg - January 16

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BrowniesK - October 4

Hi there. I am 25 years old and took unprescribed clomid. I don't have any fertility issues. I ovulated normal. I already have two children. I just decided to take it to boost my chances of having a baby quicker. Soooooo to summarize it up. I am 5 weeks pregnant because of clomid. I took two rounds. The first was 50 mg days 3-7. I didn't realize that it makes you ovulate late so I missed the window of opportunity. The following month I did 100mg days 2-6. Just because I wanted to try something different. I heard the chances of having twins was SLIGHTLY higher so I say hey what the heck. I'm we'll informed with the pros and cons of multiples but with this being my last pregnancy I would like to go down with a bang. For me there were NO side effects on clomid. Everyone is different though. At first I was afraid it was a sugar pill because I didn't feel any different. But it seemed to work just fine. I won't know if my little bump is twins until December but even if it's a singleton I will be more than grateful.



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