Feeling so akward
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Anjlina - September 19

Hello everone , anjlina this side. I am new on this forum and it is my first post, hope I got a solution of my problem from here.

I feel so unconscious from last few days.... don't like to eat anything.Most of the time I feel very dizzy because of that I am unable to work properly in office as well as at home. I can't understand what to do??? Any advice??


priyaangel2587 - September 21

Hello Anjlina, I am so sorry to hear about your problem and I hope that you will find a good solution for it with good advice at this forum. It is a good thing to share your problem with us and I hope you will find a good solution for it soon. I am not sure about your problem because I don’t know many details about your lifestyle and your personal life. There can be many kinds of problems that can create such situation in your life. It will be better if you can tell some more details about your personal life and your lifestyle. Maybe this problem is because of mental stress and anxiety. Most of people are living busy and stressed Lifestyle these days. They are not living active and Healthy lifestyle because of busy life schedule and work. I am not sure if you are facing any family issue or any relationship issue. I will suggest you to stay positive and hopeful towards your life. You should never take stress of work or your personal problems because stress will only increase your problems and it will not help you to find any solution. You should try to be happy and you can find small happiness in many things in your life. If you want to get rid of stress and anxiety problem due to work, I will suggest you get help with yoga and meditation. Meditation can be really helpful in this situation and you will be able to control the problem of stress. It can be helpful for you if you can take some rest from your busy life schedule and can give some good time to yourself and your family. Best of luck my dear.


Anjlina - September 26

Thanks priaangel for your concern. I really appreciate your advice. Thanks for bein here.


Arose - September 27

Hi Anjlina
Of course, I know you are suspecting that you are pregnant. It may be the case, or it may not be. First, let me know when you last had your periods. Then let me know when you had sex last. Feeling dizzy and restless is one of the signs of pregnancy. But it is not a must that people who are restless and unable to concentrate and focus on tasks at their workplace are pregnant. Your body may be responding to increased hormonal changes, and so you will feel a little bit tired. Some of the early signs of pregnancy include shortness of breath; this happens because of the pressure of the growing baby on the lungs. Also, you may experience tender and heavy feeling breasts and darkening of the veins on the chest. Let me also ask you a simple question, other than feeling tired, are you also feeling sleepy? If yes, then you have every reason to worry and consider seeing a doctor. Also, you need to take a pregnancy test to make things clear.


Anjlina - September 27

Dear I don't remember the exact date of my last AF. it may be 13th or 15th of this month. and I had intercourse last night. Is this means that am expecting??


Neha5 - October 15

he sugars in highly processed junk foods and sweets may give you temporary jolts of energy, but they don't provide the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to sustain their internal functions. As a result, these foods don't provide you with the fuel you need to be active. Junk food also makes your heart work inefficiently by clogging your cardiovascular system with cholesterol and fats, which could prevent blood from getting to your brain fast enough -- especially if you engage in rigorous exercise. Blood is your brain's source of oxygen; if it's deprived of it, you'll become dizzy and could even feel faint.



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