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MsMacon - October 20

im sorry correction I started 1st cycle of clomid day 10/03/2012. I had minor cramps but nothing really feels different.Oh and i have been experiencing constipation but I think its only because of the prenatal vitamins. Any suggestions?


Winniegurl88 - October 21

Prenatal vitamins shouldn't constipated you but I've always had constipation issues and my doctor told me I was allowed to take benefiber while pregnant. But what I found to be even better then that was the activia yogurt with fiber. I believe it says aids in digestive help or something along the lines of that. You have to eat it faithfully everyday to see a difference. It took about 2 weeks for me to see a difference. Also you might not be drinking enough water. If you still feel that it's the prenatals then just take two flinstone chewable vitamins a day. One in morning and on at night. That's equivalent to a prenatal. I was so I'll till about 20 weeks pregnant that I couldn't keep keep prenatals down. I'm sorry what was your question again as far as the clomid? Its always possible to get pregnant on the first round but I haven't heard of to many stories where women have. I'm not sure if your doing the ovulation kits but that's very important to do along with the clomid. Even if ovulate you only have I believe a 48 window to get pregnant. If your not doing them start doing them from day 10 till u get a positive or Till day 25 if you haven't gotten a positive by then you most likely didn't ovulate. When I got pregnant in nov 2010 I got a negative on a Sunday when I tested and something just kept telling me to test again so the next morning tested with my first pee and I got a bright positive. One day made a difference. The doctors said I conceived on nov 4 and I got a positive on nov 22. But everyone is different some women won't get a positive till they are 6 weeks pregnant. Clomid can also make your cycles a little longer. Mine were always irregular but when I took clomid it corrected that problem. But they varied as to when I had my next period. Some months I had a 29 day cycle and other months a 35 day cycle. If this is your first month just be patient. Clomid can be super successful. I had many factors working against me by doctors opinions. I was told at 18 I wouldn't have kids but with many doctor visits and a lot of patience and prayer I have my beautiful daughter. If clomid doesn't work in 6 months there is still many more options because really clomid is the bottom of the trial and error tests. Well I really hope this answered what you were looking for. If it didn't your welcome to write back. And I'd love to know if you conceive and how things go for you.


MsMacon - October 21

Thank u so much Winniegurl88. i will definitely start on the yogurts today. I actually did start doing the ovulation kits and I did get a positive on day 12 so I bd for the next 3days straight. I also noticed today my cramping is worse. idk if that's normal. I have an appointment tomorrow to check for any viable eggs. I have my fingers crossed. I will be reporting any success or lack off. Wow so you conceived on the 4th and didn't get a BFP until the 22nd?! That is so amazing. I really need to be patient. Its just I keep having these nightmares about the miscarriages I suffered and I just want to have a BFP and get past my 1st trimester to feel a sense of peace. This forum has been very helpful.


MsMacon - October 25

Well I just got the test results back and I did ovulate this month on the clomid 5-7 50mg. I took a pregnancy test and got a BFN! i dont understand why. the only reason I took the test was because my breast were really sore and I noticed this light yellowish discharge from my left breast. My AF is not due till the 29th so I guess if it doesnt come Ill wait 2 more days before checking again.


Winniegurl88 - October 26

Don't be discouraged its to early for you to test. I know the pregnancy tests say that you can test 5-6 days before a missed period but it's not likely to get a positive till at least a day late. But even if you didn't conceive at lease you know the clomid is working. So it's just a matter of hitting it on the right day and for a good mature egg. It took me 4 months 3 months I ovulated. Even with the ovulation kits and pin pointing the day it took a couple of months. But it really great that the meds worked. Best of luck to you and God bless.


MsMacon - October 26

Thank you Winniegurl88. I really do need to be more patient. My AF is due on the 29th of this month. I decided that f it doesnt come I will wait until Halloween before I test again. i am happy that the medication did work and at least I know I am on the right track. I will post again with any updates.


jbaybee - November 21

TTC FOR A YEAR... I am thirty years old and have three boys (a set of twins and an older kid). I never used fertility drugs but needed help maintaining the pregnancies so I was prescribed progesterone. This time around, I am on my second month of clomid and am five days late. My cycle is usually 25 days and am either a day early or a day late but never this much. eight days ago i stopped using pro-gest topical cream but still no AF and two BFNs. Is this normal? Last time I took clomid, af was not this late. The ultrasound showed that my follicles were small but my uterus was ready (whatever that means)...


jakson22 - April 9

nd am five days late. My cycle is usually 25 days and am either a day early or a day late but never this much. eight days ago i stopped using pro-gest topical cream but still no AF and two BFNs. Is this normal? Last time I took clomid, af was not this late. The ultrasoun




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