First Time on Clomid - 50mg
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lilyreed - July 9

I'm excited and scared at the same time about starting my first clomid cycle. Today is cd6 aka day 2 of taking clomid. I'm scared b/c of the possibility of twins.. Both of my sisters have twins and although they are so wonderful they are also exhausting..
We are actually watching one set of the twins right now while my sister is out of town. They are 2 1/2 years old and a hand full! I love them to death though.. but it would be a lot to take on and I would prefer to have just one to spoil at first! Does anyone have stories to share about taking clomid or advice?


gen2011 - July 17

hi Ive just joined! am starting clomid tomorrow, day 2 and I take it til day 6... am nervous but excited!!


lilyreed - July 18

Hey Gen- Are you starting on 50mg? I hope it works for the both of us! I'm still only on cd14 today and have another 14 or so to go until I know if it worked or not but I do think it's working. I went to the doctor on cd10 and they did a scan to check the follicles I had two maturing follicles on my right side one at 13.4mm and one at 16. which is pretty good. My hope is that they have matured enough for ovulation! Is your doctor going to monitor you during your cycle? Good Luck!


Josie12 - August 12

Hi i am due to start clomid shortly day 2 and take it through to day also really anxious...i really want to know how soon it is before you usually get a BFP????


lilyreed - August 12

Unfortunately you don't get a BFP any sooner than you would normally. It will show up either just before or after AF doesn't show. I'm now on my 2nd Clomid cycle with 100mg a day cd's 5-9. I'm on cd10 now. This month has been a lot better for me than last. I was super moody, lots of cramping the whole time and even had some spotting just before and after I Ovulated. I was worried but apparently nothing was wrong. This month I'm super happy and have had barley any cramps. The only other side effect I've had both time is the hot flashes.. They are short most of the time but intense! I would say that they have been more consistent this month. I hope this information helps you! Good Luck! I'll let you know if I get my BFP this month.. :)


Josie12 - August 15

Thanks for the info liliyreed, stay in touch as i would love to hear some positive news on here, its been a while. I have started with a cold today, so you know if this would have an effect on taking clomid which i start tomorrow? I am not looking forward to these side effects at all! So what happens after taking the first round of clomid. I know i have to go back to hosp for vaginal scan - but what is this for???


amandadotson - November 6

I have taken my first round of clomid and I'm now 5 days till I find out if its worked...I am 10 dpo...I'm not sure if the symptoms I'm having are side effects from the clomid or if it is signs of pregnancy. I have my fingers crossed but I don't want to get too excited. I have also noticed that I'm not having any signs of starting my period either...normally I break out and I have cramping and Moody around this time but I don't have any of that. :) I am so hopeful that this works.


amandadotson - November 12

So I finished my first round of clomid 50mg days 5-9...and I did ovulate and had what seemed like symptoms of pregnancy but no it must of been side effects from the clomid...because today I got the dreadful start of my menstrual...I'm so fr ustrated I could just cry...I go to the Dr on Monday. I hope the next round works.


wildswan - November 15

hi amanda, dont lose hope. i know how hard it can be. as soon as we bd , i set myself up looking and analysing every symptom that could be related to being pregnant. i have to try to relax and keep my mind away from thinking about it. the 2ww is the hardest!!! i hate it, i hate having to wonder whats goin on and then get disappointed!! but God is good and everything happens in the right time! baby dust to u!!



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