Does clomid really work
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wildswan - November 17

hi girls, well i tested for ovulation yesterday and no luck yet, i saw some ewcm earlier this dont know if to test or to jus do the do. i'll feel alot better if i get a positive on the opk, knowing at least the clomid is helping me ovulate. i am a real christmas person, so i am busy these days shopping and decorating , that it keeps my mind of the baby thoughts:) then the anxiety starts when its time to ovulate and that darn 2ww..arrrrrrrr!! good luck amanda with your second round. i hope the 2nd round is our time, it was for me for my first baby:) nikki do you have irregular cycles?


Nikki101 - November 21

No my cycles are not irregular this is the 1st time I have ever been late. I'm just scard to take a pregnancy test cuz I wanta b pregnant so bad n I'm gonna b really depressed if it's negative, but I'm going to take it soon wen I feel comfortable. Gudluck and baby dust to all of us.


wildswan - November 21

oh how exciting nikki, i hope u get ur BFP!! are u getting any other symtoms? well i tested positive on the opk last thursday and bd every other its the big 2ww. praying for the best christmas present ever:)


Nikki101 - November 22

:-( I tested dis morning after I got up 2 use d restroom wen I noticed I was spotting so now my unwanted visitor has visited but I still dnt know y it has been late I never have irregular cycles. Well I pray I get a bfp next month cuz I really wanted it 4 Christmas.


Nikki101 - November 22

After u all start clomid how many days after do you ovulate?


amandadotson - November 22

Sorry to hear about your unwanted visitor...i know all too well what that's like. I am waiting to ovulate so it should be anyday far as when you ovulate after clomid..that depends on your cycle...i would suggest getting the ovulation kit...and check your cervix position and your cm. Everyone has a different i ovulate around day 12 of my cycle.


amandadotson - November 22

I finished my 2nd round of clomid and i should ovulate anyday...i am hopeful!


Nikki101 - November 23

Depressed Is how I'm feeln, I start my clomid saturday, I hope dis work d 1st try cuz I just really feel like giving up. How do u guys juggle dis wit all of d appointments and having 2 go 2 work?


wildswan - November 23

sorry nikki, but dont lose hope, keep ur chin up. after the clomid, ovulation is usually 5-9 days after. i ovulated 7 days after taking clomid and i have a 28day cycle. i relied on the opk and cm to know for sure on ovualtion day/s.i didnt get any painful cramps like i got last month, i dont know if its a good or bad thing. its jus the unknown can really drive u crazy:) how does the man in your lives cope?


Nikki101 - November 24

I have a question let say l start taking clomid on day 5-9 do I also take d ovulation tests at d same time because that confuses me. N my husband is taking it better than I am, he's the reason y I haven't gotten pregnant his SA count wuz low, im ovulating and everything on my own.


wildswan - November 24

oh then ur husband needs to see the doc, if u got the all clear. and no u dont take the ovulation tests same time with clomid. u would ovulate after about 5-9 days. the best way to detect is the clear cm and then use the opk. i waited until i saw the heavy clear cm and then i tested and got a positive on the opk. my husband is really supportive and he jus loves the idea that he's getting it so often


Nikki101 - November 24

O ok, he have seen d doctor but he didn't give him anything 2 increase his count. The 1st time we went it six extremely low n d second time we went it had got better wer we can try iui, I don't understand y he dint get any medics to increase his count.


wildswan - November 28

hi, maybe you should try a different doc if this one is not as helpful. i am still waiting, about 11dpo and feel very normal


Nikki101 - November 30

I had talk 2 my Dr yesterday n he say der isn't nothing dat can really b done wen d hubby has a low count, so Im just praying to God for d best.


wildswan - December 8

well 2nd cycle did not work. af showed up at scheduled time, but toyed around with me cause it arrived late in the evening, but i had a feeling it would with the cramps i was feeling. yesterday i finished third round of clomid and hoping and praying it works. i do get a positive in the i am thinking its probly the timing i am getting wrong. how is everybody else doing?


amandadotson - December 8

Well i am due for af tomorrow but today i think i had implantation bleeding because it was a discharge that had a brownish tint...sorry if tmi. I am hoping that af stays gone...i will update in a couple days. Sorry to hear that your seconrround didn't work...i have a feeling i may just be getting my hopes up too high this time around too...i wish ya the best of luck and hope to hear wonderful news from you soon. :)



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