Beating The Biological Clock

The main reason women consult their physicians is pregnancy. The second most common reason women under 40 consult their doctors is infertility. One in every three women has trouble conceiving and 7 out of every 10 women over the age of 30, who have yet to have a child, fear they are infertile.

Infertility Epidemic

These worries are not unjustified. The trend of women having children at a later age has created an epidemic of infertility; so much so, that assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF have become the norm, rather than the exception as a means to conception. The numbers speak for themselves: in 2007, 36,861 U.K. women underwent IVF. The treatment has become so common that we almost forget that the test is invasive and involves massive doses of fertility drugs.

The upside to all this is that assisted reproductive techniques have improved so much that the number of women over the age of 40 who have conceived with the helping hand of technology has doubled over the past decade. The downside is that in their race to beat the biological clock, couples are pressing for these techniques without first exhausting natural conception techniques—even though they stand to save money, time, and emotional upheaval. To this end, we offer you some ways to improve your chances of becoming pregnant without the fancy techniques.

Keep Sex Lively

Don't limit sex to the bedroom. Get creative in finding new and fun venues, such as in the kitchen, or in the bathroom. If you've been taking the pill until now, it will be some time until your fertility is restored. In the meantime, keep the sex fresh and hot until  babies can be made.

Lots Of Sex

Don't confine sex to those times when you think you're ovulating. Have it often and don't think about your cycle so much. Obsessing about your fertile times puts a damper on conception efforts. Be spontaneous.

Take The Test

Home kits that can check your fertility have been made available over-the-counter. These kits can predict your ovarian reserve with great accuracy. Plan Ahead can tell you how many eggs are left in your ovaries and can also predict what kind of levels you'll have two years from now.

Use Gel

Give sperm motility a boost with Conceive Plus, a lubricant gel that is formulated to mimic female vaginal mucus. The gel is inexpensive and a great way to get a jump start on conception.

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