Baby-Making Questions

You figure that at your age, you should know enough about the birds and the bees to make a baby. So you don't exactly want to draw attention to yourself by asking questions that may sound silly. Yet, you have these nagging questions and you wonder how much your lack of knowledge affects your ability to get pregnant. That's where comes in. We have all the answers so you don't have to ask.

Let's start with sexual positions. A lot of women wonder the same thing: is there a "best" position for getting pregnant? Glad you asked: it doesn't matter a bit what position you use for sex. Sperm are stubborn little devils and will try hard to swim toward their goal—your egg—no matter their starting point.

Head Start?

The missionary position happens to be the one that delivers the sperm up close and personal to your cervix. So, it's possible it gives you just a bit of a head start to have sex in that classic position. But woman on top is not a problem. Even though you feel the semen leaking out, the sperm can get to your cervix a-okay. What happens is that the semen is thick during ejaculation but liquefies over time, thus causing that leakage. The sperm should already be well on their way to the cervix by the time you sense leaking fluid.

Next question: Are voluptuous women more fertile? One study, performed by Randy Morris, M.D., an associate clinical professor of reproductive endocrinology at the University of Illinois School of Medicine in Chicago found that women with big breasts and small waists have higher levels of estrogen and progesterone during their menstrual periods. But no one has checked to see whether they have higher pregnancy rates than women who are shaped more like Twiggy. The upshot is that you may not be able to control your body type, but you can boost your fertility by staying away from booze, caffeine, and cigarettes, and through proper diet and exercise.

Whoosh Whoosh

If it's not so easy for you to climax, you may be wondering whether orgasm helps a woman to conceive. Some experts do subscribe to a theory whereby the contractions of the uterus that occur during orgasm may help whoosh the sperm up toward the woman's cervix. But no one has been able to prove that orgasmic women have higher conception rates. In the final analysis, it may help you conceive if you climax, but if you don't have an orgasm; it probably won't keep you from getting pregnant.

Does it help to put a pillow under your hips after sex? Well maybe, maybe not. Sperm don't procrastinate. They can make it to your fallopian tubes within a period of only 10 minutes, give or take. But elevating your hips may move things along. On the other hand, don't bother to stand on your head. That's just goofy.

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