Reproductive Science Center

At the Reproductive Science Center of New England, the patient is the number one priority. Working together as a team, RSCs staff has been helping couples make their family dreams a reality since 1989. At RSC, you can always expect to be treated with compassion, dignity and respect.

Part of the elite Integramed Network, the Reproductive Science Center has six convenient locations throughout Massachusetts as well as clinics in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Their widely respected, state-of-the-art facility has gained a reputation as being one of the best in the country. RSC offers all their patients outstanding patient care coupled with cost-effective treatment.

Successful Assisted Reproductive Technology Program
As leaders in the field of assisted reproductive technologies, RSC has been able to help many couples through IVF. Even those couples who thought pregnancy wasn't a possibility for them have been able to conceive using ICSI or an egg donor.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
All parents want nothing more than to have a healthy child. Yet, if you have a family history of genetic defects, your anxiety over having a health child is likely to be increased. To help ease your mind, RSC offers patients with need and undergoing IVF preimplantation genetic diagnosis. This advanced diagnostic technique allows specialists to screen embryos for specific abnormalities and genetic defects, thereby improving your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Exclusive IVF Refund Program
The financial costs of IVF treatments can be a heavy burden for many couples. Since most patients require more than one IVF cycle before a successful pregnancy results, the expenses can add up pretty quickly. This is why RSC is happy to make available to their patients a Shared Risk Program. Enrolled patients can try up to six IVF cycles at a significantly discounted price. And if you don't take home a baby, RSC will refund 70% of your money.

Fertility Yoga
Studies have shown that being healthy both mentally and physically can increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy, especially if you are undergoing fertility treatments. This is why RSC has started to offer six-week fertility yoga programs. Strengthen your body, help relieve stress, feel better about yourself and improve your chances of pregnancy in just a few weeks.

Extended Schedule
Your life is stressful enough as it is and trying to rearrange it to fit in infertility clinic appointments just adds to that stress. The staff at RSC understands this and, in their effort to put their patients first, they have now extended their operating hours. Patients can book their appointment at the Rhode Island clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings or on the weekends at their fertility clinic in Lexington, MA.

Free Concierge Service
Are you coming from out of town for your fertility treatment? At RSC, you no longer have to worry about where to stay when you plan on arriving the night before. Patients living more than a 50-mile radius from RSCs Lexington clinic can now receive a free one-night stay at a local hotel when they come for egg retrieval or embryo transfer for IVF. It's just one more way that RSC is working to make your experience better.


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