Vasectomy oops?
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Jagger - August 9

Back in '97 I had a vasectomy. Today my wife complains of morning sickness, sore breasts (even some "stuff" coming from them?)
What are the odds that my vasectomy reversed itself? Is this even possible/


leonia - August 23

my hubby got a vasectomy and the dr. warned him that when he cut the tubes that with the human body it will always try to repair the chance that the tubes could reattach is there.


allStar - June 17

vasectomy can reverse itself naturally and it's called recanalization but it's 1 in 1000 chance. it can grow and repair itself back most specially if it's not done right. i think this is what happens to you. talk to your doctor and have it checked.


darla - July 31

wow it's been like 18 years right? i didn't know that could be possible! i am just curious, so if ever the test comes positive, can you please update us? thank you!



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