Metformin, Clomid, and Hcg Trigger shot?
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mrscrawford22 - December 30

Okay my husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 2 years. We just started seeing a fertility specialist and they said that I have PCOS. My husbands semen count came out " more than perfect" (in my doctors words) and i had my HSG test done which was really good. But she also told me after my blood work that I am pre-diabetic and I have insulin resistance. So she told me I have to take metformin 500mg two pills in the morning and two at night and I have 5 refills for that. I just finished my 50mg of clomid for 5 days and Friday I'm supposed to go in for my hcg trigger shot. My question is how likely is it that I will get pregnant in my first round. she told me with my husbands count being as high as it is I really did not need to pay to have insemination done because he is capable of getting me pregnant. we just have to play for 3 days after I get the shot


babywatkins - January 2

Hello mrscrawford22 I just joined this site and I read your update and wanted to ask you some questions. I am on day 7 of Clomid 50mg its my first cycle of clomid and Im relying on one fallop tube. My husbands is fine and after I had Lap Surgery last year March I was told I couldnt concieve and then in July I got pregnant on my own. When I got to the 7th week there was no heart beat. We were devastated but had hope that there was functionality of my right tube. Anyway it was a relief that I could concieve again but was sad we lost another baby which after testing they said it was a normal pregnancy. When you take your last pill how many days do you have to wait until you take the trigger shot? Thanks cvw



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