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rithu - December 5

I am rithu from chennai, i got married in 2009 and we planned not 2 go for kid for 1year.. from jan 2010 we were trying for kid but couldnt suceed...Then i did HSG and found right fallopian tube block...When consulted with Dr. she said through HSG x-ray block cldnt be predicted clearly....Then i took 3 hormonal injection..fianlly last month they did IUI ....Will IUI get suceed with onetime itself..


Nikki101 - December 9

It depends sometimes iui works on 1st try and sometimes it don't


shye - June 21

i know lots of women got pregnant on their first try so it's not impossible to happen to you too. just don't raise your hope too high but keep positive. good luck! looking forward to hear some news from you.


elizabeth - July 26

chances are only 10%. it's very unlikely to fall pregnant on the 1st cycle of IUI. so if you are considering this option, think again..


TESSIE - July 28

not the easiest way.. never heard of someone who got pregnant on the first IUI cycle.. this procedure is such a waste of money and time..


rizalei - August 24

i just don't get the point why most doctors recommend this procedure well in fact it's the ineffective way to get pregnant!! is it because it's inexpensive?? i'd rather go for expensive which is one time effective than to waste money on this useless procedure!! just saying..


besh - August 26

i had this procedure and it's so depressing! yes it was inexpensive but it doesn't make any difference since you are force to take several or multiple cycles which in the end you will spend more than you expected!



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