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M.R. - September 27

Before I went on birth control pills, I used to have cramps, bloating, and sharp pain during my menstrual cycle. I could actually feel when I was ovulating. When I began taking the pill, the cramps, bloating, and sharp pain went away. I've been off of the pill for about 8 months now, and my cycles feel the same as when I was on the pill. My question is, am I not ovulating anymore?


gia - September 28

hi. well the only way to tell is to monitor your ovulation. Like i've told alot of girls go to the drug store and get a clearblue easy fertility monitor. they are really effective. It will tell you if your ovulating. Its way more effective than the cheap test sticks they sell so dont get them. Testing is the only true way you will know if your ovulating. good luck to you. If you want to talk again write.



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