Just Plum TTC April10!!!!
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wantanotheraftertr - April 27

Still going strong since Nov. 06! All are welcome! We have a range of issues from ttc after tubal reversal surgery, to pcos, to unexplained infertility, to advanced maternal age (Whatever!!!) , etc., etc. Maybe its just taking you a little extra work, it doesn't matter, join us and we will journey the road to our babies together!


wantanotheraftertr - April 27

Ok sorry about you BFN! I got that myself today as well also havent been feeling well for a week. However I have not been activly TTC since my m/c in Dec. Hence the reason I wanted a new thread! Anyway I had 1 refill left on my clomid is for 150 mg. I will be starting 50 mg when cd3 gets here still waiting for cd1 LOL I have gotten pregnant 3 times on clomid 100 mg and 150 but m/c both so I will try 50mg and see if that works. plus it gives me 3 months to try If I dont concieve by Aug I will complettly quit trying. so heres to another 3 months lets hope it works. Rom I guess that make me officially back in the game now. lets ee if we can do it together again but with the difference this time being a baby in our arms too! Shal I can't wait for that baby to get here wish we were all together but hey I'm glad its working;0) XOXO! Hannah good luck not much longer for you now! Jodie congrats can't wait to hear numbers if they give them to you. Im sure they will tell you if they at least doubled or tripled! Anyway missed you all! and here we go I'm ready for the ride again!


rom - April 27

you are absolutely right Pam, nothing to report but , disappointingly, AF. So CD 1 for me. Congrats Jodie, that's wonderful news now hopefully us oldies (but goodies!) Pam, Shaun, and I can join you soon. Cuz I'm not having no babies after 40 and I will be 40 in Aug!


rom - April 27

sorry correction, cd 2 to for me, I started at work yesterday


jodi-ttc-08 - April 27

sheeesh. i worked out why i only got equivocal as my result... Dr didnt request quantative hcg levels, just stock standard hcg... grrrr. so now i have to hassle my Dr to find out for me..my lovely lady Dr i have always had left last week.. so this is a new Dr... maybe i should follow my usual Dr to her new practise. it's only a 20min drive away.. so now i have 2 tests here saying equivocal and positive, but no numbers... silly bugger.. i got a + hpt 4 daqys before my af was due.. i hope thats a good sign... i would love 2 bubs in there..hehehe, hubby took the news ok.. since he said from the day cameron was born,,,no more..hehehe... but i havent breastfed for 4 months and unprotected sex.. it shouldn't have been a surprise.. men are silly... my man anyway.... the kids are happy about the news... i am thrilled... still pinching myself.. my af based due date is 1/1/11 but it will be a scheduled c-section for earlier.. so it could be a christmas baby. a little girl would be the ultimate present... otherwise i will be mum to 5 boys.... and nothing but football every weekend... my 17 yr old son has taken up ballroom dancing classes with his girlfriend as well as playing footy every sunday... so far i have had no complaints about any of my sons female choices... fingers crossed.. they continue to make good choices... hopefully i will get those numbers im searching for soon... all the best...Jo xxx


Shal - April 27

Lovely to see you properly back Pam, I knew you just needed a little break from it all, keep with the positive thoughts....you know it'll happen, Im so excited for you and Rom, Im still here cheering you both on, sorry about the BFN's...you're all waiting for the pretty ones!!! and they WILL come!!!. How long left now Angel? Jodi, I didn't even go to my doctor for blood tests this time around, I wasn't fussed about the numbers, i just made sure i got an early scan, i found when i did know the numbers when i was having Chris i worried more, but saying that i worried all the way up to my 12 week scan with this one, because i had no morning sickness i was sure something wasn't right. I'm now 27 weeks, I have 11 weeks till i get induced, My 1 daughter who's 11 had me hanging my wedding ring on a bit of cotton this morning, she's desperate for a baby sister, i think 5 brothers do her head in lol. It spun in circles which has convinced her it's a girl, I have it in my head i'm carrying another boy which would be more practical for bedroom space and clothes etc, I also think it would be lovely for Chris to have a brother so close in age, i look at my boys aged 9 8 & 7 and they are all so close and play nicely together. I'm glad i didn't find out the sex this time, although some days it does drive me crazy but it's all adding to the excitement. I'll be waiting for those BFP's, c'mon girls, you know you can do this, sending lost and lots of sticky baby dust your way. love you all xxx


angelmonkey - April 28

congrats jodi....wern't you saying just the other day that all your children are born in jan and another month? so this will make another jan baby? or nearly anyway lol......good luck to everyone hope to see some more bfp's soon! shal im 33weeks today so have 7 weeks left....i dont think i'll make it that far though....we are going on holiday 10th till 14th i'll 35weeks and im just terrified i'll go in labour lol....im sure i wont pop that early though.....its gone so fast! just 2 more weekends then we go on holiday and then when we get back it will just be a waiting game....


wantanotheraftertr - April 28

Hi all nothing to report here still waiting for cd1 should have been here today maybe later or tomorrow. I am scared to try the clomid again but i think if I can concieve on 50 mg then I should hopefully be able to carry it as well. good luck to all and waiting patiently for those babies lOL


jodi-ttc-08 - April 29

my numbers for cd34 and as far as i can tell 17dpo is 171...


jodi-ttc-08 - April 29

i went way back to our thread for oct/nov 2008..... shal your numbers for 17dpo were 475.... my numbers for 17dpo were 144.... so to get 171 i guess is resonable...


wantanotheraftertr - April 30

well took my temp today for the first time in months well I actually quit when I got my + hpt in oct. anyway no af but temp is deffinately at an af temp so wish she would get here so I can get this started. probably sometime today. hope all are well. talk with you all soon


wantanotheraftertr - April 30

well as predicted by my temp af is here! yeah Shal it is now offical that I am back looks like sunday I will start my 1st pill of 50 mg clomid. I just pray that if it works and I get my bfp that it will be a nice sticky pregnancy. DH hasnt figured out yet that I am trying hard again hasnt found my clomid. Not that he wouldnt be ok with it but he knows I feel better and I just dont know how he would feel about the clomid. the temping he will figure out before to long LOL pretty obvious when you take it before getting up. anyway Joe is all potty trained now so will only have 1 in diapers which will be good LOL jumping ahead talking like I will get that bfp tomorrow anyway have a great day all!


jodi-ttc-08 - May 5

i am cd 42 and 25dpo.. and yet i still feel compelled to check for af when using the loo... no symptoms at all.. just the fact that i know i am pregnant.. feels strange.. everyone is convinced that this time for sure i will get a girl.. only basing their opinions on the fact i already have 4 boys, so a girl is in order... but i believe it will be yet again another boy..i will have 5 boys. which isnt all that bad.. i know nothing other than being a mum to boys...i would love a little girl.. i dont think its in the cars for me though..i think that when this one is being delivered i will have my tubes tied before the stitch me back up... 5 is plenty... considering i have 4 step kids also.. mum keeps saying "laura".. as thats the name i have had on hand since 1990 when i was pregnant with my first... "laura kellie"... when i am on the phone and doodling on a scrap piece of paper.. i continously write it, over and over... i have envisioned her so many times.... dreamt of her.. i just dont think i will ever get to meet her... i am not sure if i can go through not knowing the sex till D day... it would get the better of me...


wantanotheraftertr - May 5

Jodi maybe just maybe you will get your little Laura it sounds like if you keep dreaming of her she will be real soon. If I ever get my 1 more I will have my tubes retied as well. I am cd6 today and having the closest thing to a normal af that I have had in a year I am usually a 7 day person and for the last year been getting about 3 days out of her. Not to bad but not sure if it means shes starting to go away which is what dr seems to think. I am taking 50 mg of clomid this cycle and so far I feel pretty good no s/e and I dont feel grouchy so maybe this will work for me and I will get pregnant 1 more time and keep it I would love to see the end of the 1st trimester and he end of the 3rd and hold a new baby again. Rom hows things going for you you should be close to a week ahead of me and closing in on the O day. I should have atleast 10 days for that usually aroud cd16 for that. Shal hows our little girl comming along? miss ya hope all are well and us ttc get there soon and you who are pregnant stay pregnant till we are all that way LOL not past your due dates though that would be evil of me to wish that for you just hopeing to join you all soon!


Aunemom2b - May 6

Hey guys!! WOW It's been a lot going on since April 26th! Busy little forum!! LOL! Well, I had my IUI on the 12th and it didn't work... BFN! :-( So we were going to try again this month (50 mg clomid last month - up to 100 mg this month..) BUT... I don't know WHY... I thought today was my 5th day and I started taking it today...but no!! It's my 7th day and I was suppose to take it on Monday!!! I was soooo pissed!! NExt month we have to have a biopsy of my cervix and there is no sex for 2 weeks after - and it has to be done in the middle of your cycle...sooooo if I don't get pregnant this month - we will have to wait until JULY!!! URGH!!! Good luck girls!! Hopefully BFP for all of us.


wantanotheraftertr - May 7

Aune sorry about the bfn! I hate those as we all do it will happen and it wont be long hopefully I have been trying unsucessfully for almost 2 years this time July will be 2 and I will give up if no more bfp by then. 2 m/c last year I really can't handle another one so lets pray this works well this time af was a 6 day one this month which was almost normal for most of my life till last year so 50 mg clomid going to get in lots of bd and its cd8 today so tonight or tomorrow night we will get going depending on dh xbox activity. It sure has been hard getting it lately. But the promise of every other night should do it for him LOL anyway hope all are well its gone quiet again since I came back not looking good for my ego LOL miss you all!


chorona - May 7

Hi ladies,
I've posted on a few other threads, but thought to post here as well and share my story. I'm 32 and dh and I have been ttc since Nov. 09. In the last 2 months we were referred to a fertility clinic because I have PCOS. It took us sometime to actually start the Clomid because I had a few cancelled cycles dut to cysts and some other issues. I was finally able to start 100mg of Clomid in April. For a while it looked like it didn't work for me as the follicles were still only 10mm at cd15. Well I'm now on cd19 and I have 2 follicles...21mm and 16mm!!!! I'm really happy because this is the first time that things have started to go our way. We will be doing 2 IUIs back to back. We're waiting to hear if we will do it Sat and Sun, or Sun and Mon. It depends on my LH. I will get my results later today. If LH is still low then I will go in tomorrow for a shot of Ovidrel to speed things along and then do the IUIs.
Reading everyone's stories is very encouraging and therapeutic at the same time. I wish all of the ladies trying all of the best and hopefully we'll all be pregnant soon. For those of you already pregnant...congratulations and I hope that your pregnancies are enjoyable ones. BABY DUST TO US ALL!!!!



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