Just Plum TTC April10!!!!
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chorona - May 7

Hi ladies,
I've posted on a few other threads, but thought to post here as well and share my story. I'm 32 and dh and I have been ttc since Nov. 09. In the last 2 months we were referred to a fertility clinic because I have PCOS. It took us sometime to actually start the Clomid because I had a few cancelled cycles dut to cysts and some other issues. I was finally able to start 100mg of Clomid in April. For a while it looked like it didn't work for me as the follicles were still only 10mm at cd15. Well I'm now on cd19 and I have 2 follicles...21mm and 16mm!!!! I'm really happy because this is the first time that things have started to go our way. We will be doing 2 IUIs back to back. We're waiting to hear if we will do it Sat and Sun, or Sun and Mon. It depends on my LH. I will get my results later today. If LH is still low then I will go in tomorrow for a shot of Ovidrel to speed things along and then do the IUIs.
Reading everyone's stories is very encouraging and therapeutic at the same time. I wish all of the ladies trying all of the best and hopefully we'll all be pregnant soon. For those of you already pregnant...congratulations and I hope that your pregnancies are enjoyable ones. BABY DUST TO US ALL!!!!


Shal - May 11

Hello girlies, sorry ive not been here in a while, i've been busy decorating, Chris has moved into a big bed in his very own bedroom, i can't believe how easy it was, i figured i needed to get him out of the cot soon as the baby will be needing it, so thought i'd try him in a bed, he's done 2 nights now and seems to be loving it, last night he slept from 7 right through till 8 this morning, i had to wake him up to get him ready to take the others to school, bless, he looks so comfy. Oh and he's started to walk!! only a few steps at a time between sofas but hes getting braver and keeps letting go and just standing all by himself. I had a hospital appointment today and got told off forr not getting seen since i was 20 weeks, when it clearly says in the notes (quote) "25 WEEKS - for first time mothers only" the next appointment says 28 weeks. and i was there, the midwife gave me grief for not going for 2 months and said that the baby might not be growing right or i could have high blood pressure or need iron or anything, so i said, ok well i'm here now, check me over...and she said no??? so she couldn't have been that worried lol. so as i promised i came home and made an appointment for monday to see another midwife. i'm not at all worried, i feel fine, the baby is moving lots and i'm getting huge so it must be growing too. I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow, only 9 left till i get induced. Anyway, that's my news, Good luck with the BD Pam, cut the plug off that X Box and get lots lol, those bloody machines have a lot to answer for, i am an official COD or modern warfare widow lol. I guess you can't wait for the big scan day when you can find out the sex of this baby Jodi, my fingers are crossed you get your girl too, I'm still pleased i didn't find out the sex myself, but then i'm really not bothered either way, yes i have 5 boys but i have also the "joys" of a daughter....lol, she was a cow, harder work than all my boys put together, she was born screaming, a real horrible fog horn scream and she didn't shut up till she was 5!!!! i honestly wished the years by so she would start full time school, shes 11 now and starting high school in september, and shes lovely these days lol. but my god, she was horrible. i think a boy would be so much easier for me, he could share Chris' bedroom and use all the clothes and hopefully they'd be close because they are so close in age. Welcome Chorona, hope the IUIs went well, Good luck for that BFP. Angel you must be nearly there, good luck hun. Aune, sorry about the BFN, i hope your BFP comes this month so you wont have to go through that cervix biopsy, good luck!! ROM.....where are you?? Ok, you're at BD time lol i just worked it out, I'm sending the babydust over tonight!!!! OMG i've written a book, sorry to take up so much space but i had lots of catching up to do. GOOD GOOD LUCK to you all, come on the BFPs!!! love ya all xxx


TTCtpe - May 12

hi girls im new, but i have been trying ttc for about 5 to 6 years now and no luck, i took the first step and i got an hsg test may 5th, i hope thats all i needed, oh im 24 years old and i really want a baby me and my husband


wantanotheraftertr - May 13

welcome TTCtpe! Thats a long time the hsg is a perfect start what were the results? I assume everything was open sometimes thats all it takes just to flush out the tubes! Good luck to you and glad to have you joining us on your journey! I am cd14 today lots of ewcm today usually O around 16-20 so I am thinking cd16 my monitor ps didnt get wet enough today so still saying high so could O as early as tomorrow even lots of O pains I am really feeling hopefull that this is the cycle for a bfp. I am afraid to get my hopes up. even if I do get the bfp still terrified of m/c last year was not my year! Rom hows thinks looking for you this month! Shal always good to hear babys doing well and you hannah how much longer cant wait to see picks of the new baby on FB good luck! Lots of babydust to all of us TTC! Can't wait to hear from everyone!


jcavanagh - May 13

Hello all. I stumbled accross this as I was doing research on the possibility of twins since I am on Clomid. This is my first cycle of clomid. I have been on clomid before when I was trying to get pregnant with my daughter but it didn't work. We ended up having an endiospectogram which the dr. believed flushed an egg out. I have PCOS and it makes it difficult to conceive because I do not ovulate on my own. I am now remarried and we are trying to get pregnant so we decided to try a couple of months of Clomid to see if it works. I took 100 mg on cds 3-7 and the last day was this past Friday. I was told to wait three days before using my opk so I took it today and it was a BFN. It'll be nice to have some buddies who know what I am going through.


Shal - May 14

Why do they do that? i knew how to use the site as it was, i'm so not clever with new stuff hehe.


Shal - May 14

Oooh it worked!!!


wantanotheraftertr - May 15

ok I dont like it either Shal! I left a big message this morning and its not even here now WTF? Anyway cd 15 peak on my monitor today bd last night since my opk didnt get wet enough yesterday it could have been peak then too my temp was low yesterday 96.7 and today went to 97.5 so I think I may have Od yesterday we will see how my temp is tomorrow I feel really good about this cycle lets pray its my lucky one miss you all XX


jodi-ttc-08 - May 17

ahhh stupid thingy... liked it better before.... well i have been sick sick sick for the past 4 days... have the flu the worst ever...grrrr. i look like rudolph and sound like an alien... every part of me aches.. and am so fed up with coughing... all night i get no sleep, cant stop coughing long enough.... i go for my first scan today.. find out if theres just one in there and see for a heartbeat.. i will be back in 4 hours to give an update... hope everyones well... wish i was...arrggg.


wantanotheraftertr - May 18

Jodi wheres the update? I myself am finally 3dpo with the first set of solid crossbars on ff Ive had in forever! I am just so excited to have had a normal cycle with normal looking everything this time. Maybe just maybe I will be joining the bfpers this time LOL if not thats ok I will give it a chance lots to keep me busy durring this 2ww. My oldest daughter gradates high school on Sunday so big party happening here afterwards. My dad and his wife will be here tonight but then will go visit her son for a few days before comming back up. Then a week from today in the evening hours Joseph starts swimming lessons 2 times a week for 5 weeks. Im a little nervous bout it as Im the one who has to be in the pool with him and dunk him and all. will be fun plus he keeps saying I want to swim! He loves fishing my husband has taken him once and he caught 2 fish reeled them in all by himself. oh what fun! I am just excited bout life right now! Anyways Jodi cant wait to see scan pics and know how everything is going Shal Rom hows things going and our newbees miss you all! Hannah did you have the baby yet? baby dust everyone


jodi-ttc-08 - May 19

ahhhhh. the scan was a waste of time... dumb man that did it.. didnt say anything... no photos.. luckily i knew what i was seeing on the monitor.. coz he didnt say a word.. he checked the heart beat but never said how fast it was.. he did the scan for about 1 minute and said will send results back to my dr and left the room... sooooo angry.. i want to go to a different company and have another one... the only thing i know is theres one in there and it has a heartbeat.... i dont know if its correct size for my dates... grrrr. anywhoooo, good job Pam.. i dont have the patience to do temps every morning...i did it once... the month i got a + for cameron... and this time round i only did opk's coz their addictive..lol. but i usually sense through my bodies well being where i'm at.. i have slight cramping around cd 16-17.. and being that clomid makes me O later than the typical cd14.. as my cycles are 32 days usually.. so i try to make sure to bd cd 15 or 16.. and thats as much as i'll get from hubby anyway.. for instance this cycle i bd cd 15 and got it.....only needed the one time to do the trick.. just need to make sure when that time is... so i guess i am pretty fertile.. or hubby is... dont think i would have got it without the clomid..... angel i think must be 38 weeks by now..... come on angel update !!!!! rom, shal and newbies how are we all ?????


rom - May 19

hello loves, wow, ok this new site is gonna take some getting used to! ok so now for my news, don't freak but I am going to stop the whole ttc thing. I am cd 9 and I don't know if I'm preg this mo. but I made a decision to go back to nursing school and if I get pg now it will mess it all up. When nursing school is done I will prob be too old to concieve on my own anymore which I feel is becoming the case more and more now anyway since I have only got pg once in the 18 mo since Riv's birth and had a m/c and it took almost two years to get pregnant with him and two m/c before in that time. I kept having these school feelings come up in me and started running too and have begun to think less and less about another baby. soooo I am waiting for AF and that's about all, it actually feels nice to not have to obsess over testing for a change. I may still buy a couple dollar store tests just to know af is coming closer to the weekend. I am still pulling for you Pam, and will be about always. I am not going to take bc cuz i'm too old for those hormones but am just not going to ttc. so that's all, Shal can't wait for your little bean to show it's butt and congrats jodi! when is angel due? Shawn what's going on with you and the IVF? welcome to the newbies, this truly is a great group of girls! ;)


rom - May 19

oops meant to say I am 9 dpo!


TTCtpe - May 19

hi girls, just got some news yesterday, my hubby sperm count was really really low, the doc gave me a great choice though, he said i can donate sme of my eggs cause im still young (23) and keep half and my ivf would be free because, he said i can have as many babies as i want if i do ivf, god is blessing me day by day, but im kinda scared i did some research on egg donating, will it hurt after? me and the hubbs have to discuss it more before i contact the doc with my decision. my af is suppose to come on the 26th of this month but im not having the pain that i usually have before it comes so i really hope i get a bfp this month then i want have to do the ivf i feel like this is my month, good luck to u ladies, kepp me posted


TTCtpe - May 19

i meant keep


wantanotheraftertr - May 20

well Rom I think I was expecting that update seen it on fb without of course saying you were done ttc. I understand your decision completely and am excited for you I so want to go back to school but $ why does that always have to be the issue? Anyway 5dpo today had a slight dip in temp today wasnt huge tho but I did look back at my other bfps and Joes was an early dip the m/c were both late so maybe this will be it? not sure but if not I will continue just 2 more cycles then Im done! Jodi sorry you are having a heard time this go with scan techs and dr not giving you #s that sucks. And WTF no pic thats just stupid everyone wants a pic of their child I didnt get one the last time cuz I knew and she didnt offer either I think she knew just from me knowing my dates so well I do have a pic of the one before that tho and Joe of course with a video I need to get that out and look at it again LOL TTC free ivf is awesome I think you should do it you are on here cuz you want a baby so bad and to have your eggs there when you want them is great yes I do believe it is painfull but so worth it. ( no I havent had it done but a friend of mine did) 1 time and got her twins well anyway babydust to us all and Rom I will text you if anything important comes up so you wont be missing anything from me LOL miss you all glad to hear from you!XXX



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