Atlanta Georgia Fertility Clinics

If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and have experienced the difficulties of infertility, you will be glad to know there are at least eight well-known and reputable infertility clinics in the area, all of which have board certified reproductive endocrinologists and infertility specialists on staff, and most of them are able to schedule an appointment for a new patient well within two weeks.

The Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine is a leader in infertility solutions in the Atlanta area, boasting an extremely caring staff who are well aware of the stress and emotions involved for those couples who deal with infertility issues, and desperately long for a family. The Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine offers a warm atmosphere with extremely individualized treatment plans for all their patients. The ACRM has excellent success rates in the infertility field, and are well-known for keeping up with the very latest technological innovations. The medical and lab staff at ACRM have been trained by some of the finest institutions in the country, and ACRM ensures its staff continues their medical education on a regular basis.

Although the high-tech assisted reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilization are available at the ACRM, most couples who are going through infertility issues can benefit from simpler, more traditional treatments. Fertility drugs and intrauterine insemination are generally tried first before the higher-tech treatments. ACRM offers IUI, in vitro fertilization, egg freezing, male infertility, third party egg donor programs, and also offers counseling on the emotional aspects of infertility as well as acupuncture and nutrition information for patients.

Reproductive Biology Associates was established in 1983 as Atlanta’s first infertility clinic and now has physicians on staff who have more than 175 years of cumulative experience in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. To date, the Reproductive Biology Associates have achieved over 6,000 IVF births. RBA recommends that if a couple has been attempting to have a child for more than a year, they should consider infertility treatment. Reproductive Biology Associates first opened their doors in an attempt to provide the latest emerging reproductive technology to their patients who were unable to achieve pregnancy through conventional measures. RBA was the third IVF program in the United States, however they were the first on the East Coast to achieve frozen embryo pregnancy.

In 1992 RBA reported the first birth in Georgia using a gestational carrier, and in 1997 they reported the first births in the Western Hemisphere from frozen donor eggs. RBA believes in trying the least invasive procedures first, although IVF is always an option should the less high-tech measures not be successful. In addition to IVF, RBA offers donor sperm insemination, evaluation and treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss, an in-house Urologist, ovulation induction with fertility medication, fertility preservation services for cancer patients and women up to the age of 38, and a frozen donor egg bank for their patients. The surgical procedures offered included: laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, myomectomy, tubal reversal, varicocele ligation and vassal reconstruction. RBA offers both male and female-related procedures for infertility issues.

The Georgia Reproductive Specialists believe the decision to have a baby is a basic desire for many men and women, but that the path to parenthood can be rocky for some. Georgia Reproductive Specialists offer their valued patients cost-effective treatment options, clinical excellence, exceptional success rates and a highly trained and experienced medial team who can make parenthood a reality for the thousands who now only dream of having children. The staff at GRS is comprised of well-respected physicians and embryologists who have over fifty years of combined experience in the treatment of infertility.

Although there are several more infertility clinics in Atlanta, these are three of the largest, with the highest levels of satisfaction and a solid reputation. All of these clinics have extremely experienced staff who are well-educated in all areas of infertility, both the physical side as well as the emotional issues involved. If you are having trouble conceiving, contact a clinic in the Atlanta area for a consultation.

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