when to take clomid -(fertomid)
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DN - June 18

Could someone please help me. I have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. The gynae has prescribed Fertomid which i hear is the same as clomid. Guys i feel stupid asking this question but i'n scared and excited to try something that could give results this time. I honestly know when to take it. She said day2. which day 2. teh second day afer my period ended or second day during period? please help to explain doctor is away on conference.


pretty_child32 - June 23

It's suppose to be cd 2 which is the 2nd day of your period


DN - June 25

Thank you for your response. How long have you been on it?


Lp26 - May 21

It is the second day after your period starts. if your period starts in the evening then you count your first day as the first full day of your period. Hope this helps. x



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