low sperm motility
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yzza - July 13

my son has low sperm motility and has been trying really hard to get his wife pregnant. i wonder if there's any supplements he can take to improve sperm motility? i prefer herbal or natural treatments. thank you in advance!


babygurl - July 26

let him take zinc supplements daily, this will not only increase sperm count and sperm motility but can also increase testosterone level. here are some foods that you might want to add to his diet which has high zinc sources: lean beef,oysters,organ meats, legumes, lamb and many more.


jean - September 11

let him take fertilaid. it's a natural supplement that helps boost fertility. my husband has been taking it and we are blessed with 5 lovely kids.


monica - September 11

it really depends. you can let him take vitamin E (400-800 iu per day) and vitamin C. this supplements help increase sperm potency up to 2 times. consult your doctor.


priyaangel2587 - September 21

Hello my friend, I can understand the problem of your son and I hope you will find any good advice on this forum for treatment of this issue with your son. Low sperm count and motility is a very common problem these days and many couples are facing infertility issue because of this problem. You should not get worried because treatment solution for low sperm count and motility is available easily. Your son can find help with natural treatment, herbal treatment and medical treatment solution. It is a good thing that you want to prefer herbal and natural treatment. Natural and herbal treatments are very effective to solve this problem but it can take some time. It is very important for your son to live healthy and active lifestyle. Mental stress and anxiety are also main causes of this issue with many people. I suggest getting advice from any health expert because they are able to provide better advice to get rid of this issue. I am not any professional but I will suggest getting help with regular exercise, yoga and meditation. When it comes to finding help with good nutrition, I will suggest adding some healthy and effective nutrients to his regular diet. It is very important to have diet with nutrition like protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, zinc, iron and essential minerals. You will also find many supplements in the market that can be helpful in such treatment. I will suggest you consult with a doctor or any professional health expert who can suggest any effective and helpful supplement to fight with this problem. I hope it will work for your son and he will be able to find good treatment solution for this problem of sperm motility.


zawadipet - September 26

Dear, I have read your concern about your son's low sperm motility. As you try to get a solution to the problem, it is important for you to know the possible causes of this issue which includes excessive stress. Many health concerns caused by stress and this one faced by your son isn't an exception. Another related cause is poor diet, vitamin B12 and vitamin C are necessary to men in the lead up to sperm formation, deficiencies in the two are known to result in low sperm motility. Other factors are excessive heat, alcoholic drinks and substance use, and un-prescribed medications. The genitals shouldn't get exposed to excess heat emanating from things like laptops when placed on the lap, hot tubs, among other things.
You should give your son foods rich in vitamin C and zinc to overcome this problem. Zinc will improve his testosterone levels, sperm motility, and sperm count. The best sources that will work wonders for your son include lean beef, organ meats, oysters, nuts, legumes, herring, wheat germ, and lamb. You also have to get him some fish, dairy products, chocolate, meat to eliminate the sperm motility problem further. All these will improve your son's sperm count and motility and at the same time help to firm his erection. I hope this will help you, and your daughter-in-law will become pregnant.



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