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animalover - January 31

Hello...My fiance who is my highschool sweetheart was previously married with 3 kids and had a visectomy. When him and I reunited he decided to get a reversal so we can have children in the future. It was our understanding that it was best to get it reversed right away instead of instead of waiting since it was only 4 years post surgery. We went ahead and scheduled surgery with his Urologist in Dec 08. It made sense to go to him since he did the visectomy. I had researched a Micro Surgeon but not extensively and ofcourse it was more costly. His sperm was tested in March 09 and somewhat good news, he had a normal sperm count but low motility. We thought perhaps it was because he was hung over when he gave a semen sample. LOL
Then a year later we tested his sperm and found out that he had none!! I was a mess. It\'s then when I regreted going to his Doctor.I knew we should have gone to a specialist. He told us that this was common in reversals and he will do it for him again but the success rate would only be 10%. I was really upset. I wanted to tell him off. This doctor could give a rats a-- if we could get pregnant or not. All he wanted was money. Who in their right mind would move forward with a doctor like him?I regret rushing my fiance to get it done right away. I totally blamed myself. Anyhow, I started my extensive research on microsurgeons. We found out that he developed scar tissue from inflammation. His Urologist NEVER gave him steroids to help with inlflammation. He has two knots where the incision was made.

In October of 09, I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst (Fibroid). I tried accupuncture, Chinese herbs, Dr.Shultze bladder and kidney cleanse, colonics to get my body healthier and I quit being a social smoker. I tried everything for 2 months. I was devastated. He was shooting blanks and I was on the verge of perhaps losing my right ovary. I had no choice but to go under the knife. This particular cyst would not shrink. I prayed to god and the spiritual world that the surgery would go well and that I would not lose my ovary. Surgery went perfect and I got tested for everything and I am perfectly capable of conceiving.
Today at age 36, we are both trying to be healthy by first accomplishing the 10 day master cleanse which elimated tons of waste and bad cells and bad blood from our body. It\'s amazing what comes out of our bodies even though you don\'t eat. I recommend this to everybody.
Besides eating healthy and taking certain fertility supplements, what do you think would help my fiance with his blockage? I would feel horrible to put him under the knife again. He was in so much pain from the reversal. Does anybody know how you can breakdown scar tissue naturally? We cannot afford IVF or surgery again which will cost $7000. There is an enzyme product called VitalzymX that helps with scar tissue I read. Has anyone heard of it? What about the fertility supplement, "Fertility Blend"?

I\'m sorry for the long message. I hope that couples going through the same issue that we have could help us. I want to have my own kids so bad....Thank you so much for letting me share my my story...


babygurl - June 9

first of all sue the doctor! hahaha.. just kidding! cut all vices and change lifestyle.. take supplements and eat healthy foods.. if you're taking fertility supplements i suggest you go for natural.. hope this helps..


ciarra44 - July 26

wow such a long post! anyway, why not see a specialists rather than a regular doctor? maybe that would help.



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