How to improve the semen quality
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Roshan - November 29

I am 32 years old and my wife is 31. I have sperm count of 43.5million, Sperm concentration 11.45 million, Motility 45% & Morphology 56% abnormal forms. I ate Vitamin E and the count more decreased. Now I am using Zinc, is it ok? Give some suggestion I am too worried.


Hoping1 - January 3

Zinc does help, I have my DH on it, too for his low SC. I also have DH on E, B12 , B 6, Folic Acid and Clomid. His numbers doubled from last appt with his uro... not sure what will work with you... I would try going to a Uro and putting this in a professionals hands.. best of luck to you and your wife. I understand where you are coming from!


alvin - June 27

a combination of folic acid and zinc supplements are 2 micronutrients that works together to produce a wide range of sperm. along with these supplements is to improve diet by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains which can help boost fertility. hope this helps! by the way, it did worked on me. good luck!


Arose - September 30

It is unfortunate that you suffer from low sperm count issue. However, this should not worry you too much. There are things you can do to help boost your sperm count. They include:
Eating dark chocolate- this chocolate contains L-Arginine, an amino acid that increases the semen volume. It also improves the intensity of orgasm. However, you need to be extra careful here since too much of L-Arginine may result in weight gain which reduces testosterone in the body.
Oysters- It is also necessary that you consider eating oysters since it is loaded with zinc, which is an essential mineral that helps to improve testosterone levels. It is rich in minerals and helps to improve sexual desire. It will not only help you up your game but also increase your chances of fertilizing the egg.
Eggs- they are loaded with protein and vitamin E, eggs help in the production of healthy and strong sperm testicles. They protect sperm cells from the harmful effects of free radicals which kill sperm.
Bananas- contain the bromelain enzyme that increases male libido. They are rich in vitamin B that gives men stamina and energy.


Opepre1963 - October 5

Hope god will help u all... Wish u and your partner fast pregnancy and healthy kids! Have a good one people!


chitowndym - November 1

Has anyone heard of the Evolution male sperm supplement? I saw it on amazon and plan to purchase for DH. Its similar to a woman's Pregnitude fertility supplement?


wellspringivf - June 7

Semen Quality decides the fertility factor in the male. To improve the semen quality have a healthy lifestyle like regular exercise, increase intake of vitamin C, be stress free and try to release your stress by doing yoga and meditation. Another suggestion will be having a healthy diet, avoid drinking and smoking, take adequate sleep and manage your healthy weight.

Try to consult fertility expert for more details, as they will guide you and will give appropriate medication for improving semen quality.



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