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jerah - June 21

what are the most common causes of male infertility? is this hereditary? my husband was conceived through vitro fertilization because his father has fertility issues. now i'm afraid that it may have passed to my husband. any options for treatment?


sheila - July 26

no it's not. infertility is not hereditary. but it depends on what exactly it is that is causing your fertility problem.


allstar - July 28

you know it's really hard to say if fertility problems can be passed down
but it is possible though because some fertility problems are hereditary.
depending on the underlying causes, those issues can sometimes be


she/smith - July 28

for most part or cases, fertility problems are not and
environmental factors are some common causes of male infertility.


Arose - September 30

Infertility in men is as serious as it in women. There are many causes of the problem some of which are hereditary while others are not. However, fertility issues in men are complex and mostly depend on the underlying issues of infertility. Problems such as low sperm count, poor sperm quality are not hereditary but are caused by lifestyle factors. Exposure to harmful chemicals and heavy metals known to cause infertility can be passed to future generations. So it is important that you visit a doctor to determine whether your husband has a heredity problem or not.



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