Surrogacy or not?
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selinadylan247 - October 11

Hello everybody. Kindly lend me your ears on this one. I have been infertile for the past 14 years, due to a problem with my uterus which causes all sperms to die. It has been quite devastating. Even though I have adopted coping strategies, I still feel down. But recently I came to know of a clinic in Ukraine. This clinic has helped plenty of infertile women. Their main approach toward the issue is surrogacy. I am not a big fan of surrogacy. Mainly because it is not in line with my own ethical beliefs. But I am quite eager to become a mother. So in this case, what should I do? And if I go ahead with it, what should I expect? As in how does this process affect you mentally. Do let me know in the comments.


adney - October 11

Hi Selina Dylan. Hope you are out of the stress now. I am also trying to find the best way to have a baby. I am not allowed by my doctor to get pregnant, as it might prove dangerous for my heart disease. Although my husband and I wanted to have the babies, we cannot plan babies now. I am also considering surrogacy, as one of my friends has become a mother because with surrogacy. She also told me about the clinic in Ukraine. They help in finding a surrogate mother and then you can have your baby. It seems to be an easy task but there is a long procedure to go. However, my friend told me that the staff at a clinic was quite helpful. Therefore, it was not that hard as compared to if they had done the procedure privately. I am also planning to go for surrogacy through that clinic. I have heard that the clinic we reputed. I can only tell in more detail after I have a consultation with them. I will talk to them tomorrow and let you know. Hope we both become mothers soon. Good luck!


emma spencer - October 11

The pain is devastating and life altering. I am above 40. Infertility problem raised when I was in my 30s. Extensive substance abuse in my teens hurled me in this hole. After taking rehabs, I thought I am clear now. But the consequences put me into disbelief. I thought this new life is nothing but a gift. I got married happily the decision to start a family was a new beginning. Only after couple of trials I was dubious and decided to visit a doctor, and he diagnosed me with an endometrial thin lining. I knew there would be some issues. Hormonal imbalance due to my past habits was one of the main reasons. This triggered low estrogen level and thin uterus lining. I wasn’t shocked but obviously it depresses me. I started with clinical trials and hoping to see some results soon. Otherwise, we will start working on other available choices.


lily james - October 11

Hay Salina. I think it is completely normal. As per our womanly instincts becoming a mother is somehow our priority. Issues while having a baby in mainstream ways is not easy for every woman around. But we can’t change the fact that it is not in our hands. Surrogacy is a very good option. If baby is your need then you have to ignore your doubts. Collect some information first and then go for it. I hope everything works for you in a safe way.


Jasmine.Flower - October 13

Hello dear. I am here to help you and share things with you. I am really happy for you that you have found the courage to come on this forum and discuss your feelings and problems. I hope you will not get disappointed from here. I know your problem is very rare and it hurts you a lot as you cannot become a mother. But you should never lose hope because when one door shuts down many others get opened for you. I have walked in your shoes and that is why I know how it feels. I have a problem with my heart in which the blood in my heart flows in the opposite direction as compared to the normal blood follow in normal hearts. This disease does not let me to have my own children. I am having my treatment from past few years and I have never lost hope because my husband has always been there for me in every hour of need. I knew that this disease is fatal and I will not be able to recover it from the treatment so I started to look for other options. Last month when I met an old college friend. As we were becoming much more comfortable while sharing our problems, she came across telling me the same problem you are having. But then I asked her that how do you have a baby? Then she told me about this clinic in Ukraine that you have also mentioned. Moreover, she told me that this clinic assures 100% success and you can believe it my taking my example. So I would like you to visit their website and go for it and there are no side effects of it. ?


Jasmine.Flower - October 13

Hello Adney! Your kind way of helping others has influenced me a lot. I hope we can be friends and I would like to share all my other problems with you as you prove to be good in helping people. I can also not bear a child due to my heart disease known as ‘Mitral stenosis’. I have had a lot treatment but no success. So now I have decided to go for surrogacy. I have likewise caught wind of the surrogacy procedure from my companion. She has experienced that procedure and now she has a beautiful and healthy child. I hope that now you and I will choose this surrogacy procedure and seek after the best. Continue doing this great job of sharing your encounters and enlightening things. Lots of love. ?


Isabel99 - October 14

Hi Selena! I think the cervical fluid might be creating this problem. The lifespan of sperm is largely dependent on it. Fertile cervical fluid plays a significant role in survival of sperm. Now you may be wondering what actually is fertile cervical fluid like. Well it's slippery, slightly alkaline and has high water content. Its is important to have fertile cervical fluid because:


Isabel99 - October 14

Hi Selena! I think the cervical fluid might be creating this problem. The lifespan of sperm is largely dependent on it. Fertile cervical fluid plays a significant role in survival of sperm. Now you may be wondering what actually is fertile cervical fluid like. Well it's slippery, slightly alkaline and has high water content. Its is important to have fertile cervical fluid because:

1) It is alkaline and hence provides a safe environment for the sperm.
2) It provides sustenance for the sperm, while it goes through the cervix, to reach the egg in the fallopian tube. The sperm needs food along the way, and fertile cervical fluid provides the needed nutrition.
3. It helps to filter out irregular sperm so only the most suitable one reach the egg for fertilisation.
There are ways to improve the amount and health of your cervical fluid. Eating balanced diet, staying hydrated by drinking eight big glasses of water, having healthy weight and doing exercises can help in fertile cervical fluid. Surrogacy is a safe option. I am in favor of it.


Isida - October 14

Hello, dear. 14 years is a very long time for ttc. You definitely have to start doing something to fix the situation. If you really want to become a mother you should use every single chance to get your baby. I'm working in a psychological center, which helps infertile women to stay strong and selfconfident. So, I met a lot of women, which tried every possible solution to get what they wanted.
For example, my sister got pregnant after two cycles of IVF. She was ttc for 3 years but had no success. Now they are happy parents. Did you consult the doctor? What if this option works for you?
Also, as you have already mentioned, there's such service as surrogacy. If a woman is unable to get pregnant and give birth, she can find the surrogate to do it for her. It is a safe and natural way to get a baby. I know a lot of woman, whose kids were born by surrogates. They are healthy and active. As for me, the biggest benefit of surrogacy is that the baby born is genetically related to you. I doesn’t matter who gave birth to your baby. You are still his biological mother.
Have you been thinking of adoption? If surrogacy is not an option for you, adoption can help you. I know that as usual men don’t want to adopt. A lot of women spend years to assure their husbands that adoption is a good idea. I don’t know why it happens. They just don’t want to raise outside kids. That’s a pity. But we can’t change this statisticas.
Regarding the clinic in Ukraine, I think it’s a great choice. Surrogacy costs much cheaper in Europe. I know that a lot of women go there to get a “reproduction” help. I wish you good luck, whatever you choose.



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