i really need his support
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marionrazo - July 28

hi guys,i feel like am alone. i recently went to the clinic for a check up and found out that i suffer from a blocked Fallopian tubes. i told him how it went but its like he shut down. we haven't been talking that much i feel left alone


panchal - September 12

It is a usual fact that infertility many times causes fractions in the relationships. Your husband has to understand that these types of issues have to be dealt with patience. Today, infertility issues are so common. Sometimes, couples start blaming each other for not producing a baby. But, these types of situations cannot be handled in this way. You have to spend your whole life together and this is just the small thing that happened to you. There many problems that you have to face together. Your bond must be strong enough to tackle these types of situation. You make him understand that these problems are common nowadays. But, still, you can find the hope with the help of advanced infertility treatments available today. You don’t have to worry much about your infertility. You both have to sit together and discuss all the possible ways through which you can conceive a baby. Many times, couples lose hope very soon and become frustrated. You both have to try solving your problems. All the best for your future!


Neha5 - September 14


Really sorry to hear about this. Both you and your husband need to understand that this issue is not in your hands and this is not your MISTAKE.
This is natural and can happen to anyone. At this juncture, you and your husband have to get together and take a decision accordingly. Now there are various ways of having a baby. One of them is surrogacy. There is a clinic in Ukraine which specializes in the same- Biotex.com
There are professionals and have 100% success rate. Pls o consult them and get the happiness back in your life.


Anjlina - September 18

hey marionrazo, Really sorry dear to know about your situation. but not to worry there is a successful treatment of blocked Fallopian tubes. you may go for an ivf treatment or surrogacy. Talk to your husband about this. I am sure that he will definitely understand you. Don't lose your hope so easily.



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