Lifestyle and Fertility

In a woman's quest to become pregnant, she may turn to her physician first without stopping to explore the various lifestyle changes she might make to encourage conception. But if you stop to think about it, the way we live makes a big difference in our ability to live life to the fullest. For many, part of living life to the fullest is becoming a parent.

Good Nutrition

But if we don't follow the rules of good nutrition, for instance, our bodies may not feel able to cope with the stresses of conception and pregnancy. Of course, it's not just about nutrition: there are foods you can include in your diet to enhance your chances for conception. You can read about eating for conception in this section.

In addition to making the necessary changes in your diet, you may want to consider using herbs to increase your fertility. Here we list the various herbs that give fertility a boost and explain how they're used and when they're contraindicated. Some women feel better about using herbs than they would about taking prescription drugs like Clomid. If you like the idea of trying herbal treatments you can read up on them in this section and then discuss these options with your physician.

Vitamins are crucial to good reproductive health. You'll want to be taking certain supplements in advance of conception. Learn about the various vitamin supplements you can take to ensure conception and a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Bad Habits

Then there's the issue of bad habits that tend to keep you from becoming pregnant. You may have no idea that these habits affect your chances of conceiving and bearing a healthy child. The buff sportsman in your life may be preventing conception by exercising too much or in the wrong manner. Even wearing tight exercise pants or using a laptop can cause sperm damage.

It goes without saying that negative fertility habits like cigarette smoking and alcohol or drug abuse are contraindicated for moms-to-be, but just how bad are these habits and how much is too much of a bad thing? Making healthy lifestyle changes such as eating right and not smoking are important steps to take in their own rights, but these habits also serve to complement traditional medical treatment and may make the difference between empty arms and coming home from the hospital with a baby.

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Hi welcome dear first of all I want to appreciate your courage to fight with infertility problem in genuine way. This is very critical situation of your life. You should be very positive to handle this problem in easy and effective way. I also face this problem in my life. I am feeling proud to help you on basis of my experience to handle infertility problem by choosing good lifestyle and healthy diet. It is very important to start my experience with first heart fully thanks to doctor who understand my problem in professional way and provide natural way to handle infertility problem in easy way. You should not underestimate the power of Healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. I consult with Ukraine famous gynecologist to handle infertility problem in natural way. You can use Healthy lifestyle to enhance you are conceiving possibility maximum. The most important thing is positive attitude toward life. It not only decreases your stress but also enhance your attitude toward fertility. It is medically proved that Positive Thinking provides maximum benefit to enhance your health and other issue in effective way. You can read positive books and spend good time with children play to spent healthy time. The next step is taking balanced diet. It is very important to consume appropriate nutrition for your body to work regular and smooth way to balance your hormone level in your body. You should have aware about your period cycle properly. Your body hemoglobin level must be high to create win-win situation for you to conceive easily. You should choose Healthy lifestyle. You can start with early morning walk or some little exercise that provide more energy to your body and enhance your blood circulation in body that provide maximum profit in minimum time I also strictly follow all these rule regulation and just 2 or 3 month I got good news that brings endless joy in my life. I also pray to God to fill your life with endless joy happy baby like me. Take care be happy and healthy.
If you are facing any type of problem to conceive baby, you should understand the importance of Healthy lifestyle and skip bad habits to get pregnant as soon as possible to conceive in natural and healthy way. You should have basic knowledge of understanding good habit and proper understanding about nutrition value that is very beneficial in healthy way to get pregnant. I also faced this terrible situation and my life. We try many natural way but all are in vain. We consult with gynecologist in last hope to come back from this darkness and depression stage. We consult Ukraine popular gynecologist and discuss our problem in detail we can easily understand your problem and provide is effective solution that is the best in class solution to get pregnant soon in healthy way. You need not panic about this critical situation you should be aware to use healthy way that is very sufficient to get pregnant in healthy way. I also follow these rule and regulation to get pregnancy in natural way with balanced diet and proper nutrition on daily basis. The first and foremost thing you should notice about your lifestyle. You should do proper exercise to maintain balance your body and mind. The lake of physical exercise is the main factor that affect fertility problem in mostly women. You can start with early morning walk evening walk as suitable for you. Balanced diet is very necessary to get all nutrition in good quantity for your whole body proper working. It increased hormones level in your body that is very beneficial to conceive baby in natural way. After how long the healthy way just for two or three month I get positive knows too pregnant this news for my life with brightness these are some basic things that can affect our whole life you should not underestimate the nutrients and good healthy habits. You can start with iron rich food and tablets to enhance hemoglobin level in your body to get pregnant in natural way.
Very knowledgeable thanks
Hi bummer_ovaries247, BLUEBONET7, i'm new here and have just read your posts. Have you received a reply on your posts, as I'm also interested to know how i can help my good friend who is recently diagnosed with PCOS & was told that she may never be able to give birth. Any advice?
(Bummer_ovaries) I have pcos too and i have the same problem!! The thing that helped me the most is loosing weight to relieve some of the inflammation thats going on. And foreplay helps a lot. I too am scared i will never have kids. Ive been with my husband for 6 years and still no luck. Try having your hormone levels checked to make sure they are normal. Im really sorry you have to go through this. I know how You feel.