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Conceiving a child is not easy work. Even if you are completely healthy and fertile, you still only have a 20% chance of getting pregnant in any given month. This is why most fertility experts suggest that couples wait at least a year before they start having fertility tests done. If you are over 35, though, you may want to see a doctor after six months of unprotected sex and no luck with getting pregnant. Before heading to a fertility specialist, though, you may want to make an appointment with your GP who can perform some general fertility tests.

For many couples, going to the doctor's to evaluate their fertility can be nerve-wracking. Even if you suspect something is wrong, actually getting confirmation of your fears can be very upsetting. But knowing what to expect and what questions to ask at your appointment can help you feel more at ease. Reading up on all the different fertility tests, including semen analysis, can also help to prepare you for your appointment. Common tests include a hysterosonogram, a hysterosalpingogram as well as a wire-guided cannulization. However, once you have received a definite diagnosis, you and your partner can begin taking charge of your fertility.

If you're a plus-sized woman, though, you may have additional concerns. Will you be met with bias by the medical staff? Will your size affect the quality of your treatment? Will you be prevented from accessing certain treatments because of your size? Take a look at Fertility Help for Plus-Sized Women for tips on finding the right fertility doctor for you.

Unfortunately, though, not all couples are able to learn why they are having difficulties conceiving. When There Is No Diagnosis can help explain why this sometimes happens.

Couples who already have children shouldn't assume that they are immune to fertility problems. Secondary infertility actually affects more couples than primary infertility. Even if you already have children, make an appointment with your doctor if you have troubles conceiving.

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Is there any side effect of fertility tests? I am afraid of failures or disappointments. I am facing infertility issues from last few months.
While these points are valid, some health clinics can be worth the effort. We have been married for close to a year now with no sign of a baby. My husbands family are so conservative with the issue of children and i started feeling the heat. all along, i had the belief that it is the woman who has issues when it comes to fertility, sexual dysfunction and the like.my husband and i recently sought an opinion on what is causing me not to be pregnant. One thing was for sure, the reception we received was wonderful in spite of other reports we had gotten. i have read alot about mistreatment of couples by these clinics, especially those opting for egg donations. we decided to just try to get an opinion. my husband was found to have a complication with hist erection capacity, sperm count and the stuff for men. i had not complained though i noted that he was lately not himself in bed. but that was not all, i'm now on pills as it seems the anxiety had started taking a toll on me as the doctor said. all is well. you don't need to fear some fertility expert opinion, especially the clinic i visited.
I hardly know if I discharge sperm into my wife because i'm a new player in the game. I wish my wife should conceived before this year runs out God's willing
Hi ladies I just signed on after reading ur stories. I am 27 and have been trying for 6 months to get pregnant. I don't have any children yet and had an HSG test done last tuesday. My dr said both my tubes are open. A few weeks before the test I had an ovulation test done and my dr said Im ovulating strong. I hope that I well get pregnant after reading ur positive stories of pregnancy after HSG. Thank u so much for ur stories as it helps and I now know that I am not alone. Baby bust to all of u! I will keep u posted hopefully with good news xo!
Ok say its been day 3 of cramping feels like menstrual cramps but had mine last week. Had an HSG done in monday with no cramping after test nor next day, but started the menstrual cramping on day 3 after test. Any suggestions on what this could mean?